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The City of San Francisco, houses the financial and cultural center of the Bay Area. The region is composed of 7.15 million people, and county lines also include the largely populous cities of San Jose and Oakland - the only consolidated city-county in California. San Francisco is the 13th most populous city in the United States, with a population of 805,235 (2010 Census), approximately 12.3% of this area is listed as having a disability, slightly more than the 10.2% listed in the entire state of California.

The basis of awarding Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is the applicant’s inability to work due to a documented disability. This disability(s) is expected to last at least twelve months or more and/or result in death. A San Francisco Disability attorney can help determine if you individual case meets standards such as existing work credits required and financial thresholds. Contributions to the Social Security Trust through payroll, or FICA taxes, can qualify an individual or a dependent of an individual for SSDI benefits. A lack of financial means and resources, can possibly qualify an applicant for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Guidelines for these income thresholds are set by the Social Security Administration (SSA), governed by laws of the Social Security Act.

Apply for San Francisco Social Security Disability Benefits

Consulting a San Francisco Disability lawyer at the earliest possible point can increase a positive outcome, ensuring a stronger case, worthy of approval by the SSA. San Francisco Disability attorneys can evaluate an applicant’s case through an organized checklist of medical and non-medical documentation necessary for the initial application process. Medical records and thorough documentation of the disability, being the most important aspect of the process, must be submitted by certified medical practitioners. Analyzing the all records can be a daunting task for applicants, in which a professional Social Security attorney can compare and asses possible rulings, based on their experience with previous case rulings. After the initial application is submitted, an approval or denial benefits will be submitted in approximately 80 – 120 days.

Disability Determination services will review each case, and possibly set up a face-to-face appointment or phone interview to further the questioning and review of the applicant. During this very important review phase, a San Francisco Social Security Attorney will prepare the applicant for potential questions, and also act as official representation. These attorneys not only have the ability to instill confidence in the applicant, but also arm the applicant with self-advocacy skills needed for the entire process. In California, recent findings show approximately 40% of disability cases win at the initial application phase; however, only 13% win at Reconsideration, or the first appeal phase. If you disagree with the determination on your case, the appeal will proceed in the order listed. The four possible steps in the disability appeals process are Reconsideration, Disability hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), an Appeals Council Review, and a District Court Case. San Francisco Disability Attorneys are well-versed to represent individual cases preparing for testimony before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the hearing stage. If an applicant is approved for disability benefits, the state of California also adds a state supplement in addition to the federal benefit rate. This combined benefit range from $845 to $1,086 per month. A San Francisco Disability lawyer can estimate potential monthly earnings for applicants.

Applicants can visit any of these local SSA field offices for more information:

San Francisco Social Security Disability
560 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

San Francisco Social Security Disability
90 7th Street Annex, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

For a list of more field offices in your area, please visit

San Francisco Social Security Disability Resources

Medical care can be costly to applicants who do not currently receive assistance and do not have coverage. A key component to any disability claim is consistency and maintenance of care. Two medical-based community care agencies offering free to low-cost healthcare are listed below. Each deliver integrated health care services to many of the people who can not afford them, including substance recovery and psychological services.

Haight Ashbury Free Clinics

558 Clayton St, San Francisco - (415) 746-1950

1735 Mission Street, San Francisco - (415) 746-1967

Walden House

1885 Mission Street, San Francisco - (415) 255-8121

815 Buena Vista Avenue West, San Francisco - (415) 554-1450

Your San Francisco Disability Claim

It is statistically proven that approvals can increase if a local San Francisco Social Security lawyer is hired from the initial application, and reconsideration approvals dramatically increase of with this legal advocacy. These specialized Social Security attorneys have mastered the laws and procedures, and will educate the applicant on his/her individual case during each phase. San Francisco Disability attorneys are trained to have a comprehensive outlook, and proactive approach filing all necessary SSA forms and documents. Meeting medical and non-medical guidelines are not enough for a successful outcome. Preparation for testimony, organization of documentation, and comprehensive knowledge of the Social Security maze all can make a significant difference in an individuals case presented.

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