Salinas Social Security Disability

Salinas serves as the county seat for Monterey County. With the humorous moniker the “Salad Bowl of the World”, Salinas is a leader of lettuce production, which is primarily grown in the Salinas Valley. Salinas is also popular for its thriving arts and cultural community, with sites like the Valley Art Gallery, the Hartnell College Gallery, and the National Steinbeck Center, whose famous literary work, Of Mice and Men was set in Salinas. Salinas experiences a cool and moderate climate, with temperatures averaging 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the summertime.

Approximately 900,000 residents in the State of California currently receive a form of disability compensation, according to statistics provided by the Social Security Administration. If you are suffering from a disabling condition and think you may meet the requirements to receive disability benefits, then filling out an application may prove worthwhile. You may only qualify for disability benefits only if your disability disrupts your work performance and you are incapable of working a minimum twelve months.

Also, in order to meet the Social Security Administration’s requirements for disability, Salinas disability applicant must have fulfilled a certain number of work credits upon time of application. If you have not accumulated enough work credits but are incapable of working because of your disability, then the Social Security Administration offers a need-based disability program for those applicants. You may only qualify for this need-based program if you meet certain household income and asset restrictions criteria.

If you are granted Social Security disability compensation in Salinas, then the SSA will begin to distribute your benefits following a six month wait period. This six month wait period will begin on the day you are put on disability leave. You may avoid this six month wait period if you have been suffering from a disability for six months or longer. You may then begin receiving your disability benefits immediately and will continue to do so throughout your disability leave.

Apply for Salinas Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are contemplating sending a disability application for review in Salinas, then the best and most advantageous option for you would be to contact a Salinas Social Security disability lawyer. This should be done before you send your disability claim. Approval for disability benefits is contingent on filling out all important forms as well as providing official medical evidence of your disabling condition. These elements of the application process may prove to be difficult and challenging without the counsel of a Salinas Social Security disability lawyer. Individuals who continue in the application process without the aid of legal experts are two-thirds more likely to get their application rejected by the Social Security Administration.

If your application is rejected by the SSA, then the following sequence of action involves filing a disability appeal. This appeal involves two components, a Request for Reconsideration and a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Although the Request for Reconsideration takes between three to six months to process, almost 80 percent of all disability applicants in this phase of the process receive rejections. It still may take up to two years for your hearing to be scheduled with the judge. Therefore it is pertinent to your cause to seek out the help of a Social Security disability lawyer, as studies have shown that those who have a lawyer are more likely to get approved than those without a Salinas SSDI lawyer.

The Salinas Social Security office that handles and organizes all disability hearings is located at 928 East Blanco Rd., suite 155.

Salinas Social Security Disability Resources

Before completing your disability application to the SSA office, it is essential to the success of your case that you include medical documentation in your application. If finding the right medical services is troublesome or you do not have insurance, then low-cost clinics are available to help you. Below is a list of low-cost clinics that aid the residents of Salinas:

Clinica de Salud Del Valle
950 Circle Drive
Salinas, CA 93905

Clinica De Salud Del Valle
440 Airport Blvd. A
Salinas, CA 93905

Dorothy’s Hospitality Center
30 Soledad St.
Salinas, CA 93901

Sanborn Clinic
219 N. Sanborn Rd.
Salinas, CA 93905

Your Salinas Disability Claim

If you want to improve the likelihood of getting approved for disability benefits and therefore bypass the disability appeal process and hearing, it would be a great asset to you to find the help of an experienced Salinas Social Security disability lawyer. Make sure to contact your SSDI lawyer before you file your disability claim with the SSA office. When contacting your SSDI lawyer, you and your lawyer will determine the validity of your and whether further action in the application process would be realistically successful. If your SSDI lawyer decides that there is validity to your claim, then he or she will help you fill out all the necessary details on your application as well as help you compile all necessary medical information. If after all this you do not get approval from the SSA, then your Salinas SSDI lawyer will help you file your disability appeal and represent you in future hearings.