Salem Social Security Disability

Salem is the capital of Oregon and serves as the county seat for Marion County, with a population of about 154,637 residents. It is home to several universities including Willamette University and Corban University. The majority of the city’s income is generated by state government, but it also has prosperous farming and agricultural food processing industries. Salem also has many great cultural destinations, including the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the Elsinore Theatre, and A.C. Gilbert’s discovery village, the city’s children’s museum. Salem’s climate shares the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate, with heavy rain and precipitation during the summers, but light snowfall during the winters.

According to the Social Security Administration’s collected data, approximately 66,000 people living in the State of Oregon receive some type of Social Security disability benefit. If such benefits interest you, then applying for disability in Salem is a legitimate course of action. Yet in order to qualify for disability benefits, you must be suffering from a physical or mental ailment that prevents you from being productive in the workplace and this ailment must be expected to last a minimum twelve calendar months.

Another qualification for SSA’s disability benefits is accumulating a certain number of work credits. If you do not meet this qualification but are still in need of financial assistance, then you may pursue SSA’s SSI needs-based disability program if you fit specific household income and asset parameters.

Upon receiving a decision of approval from the Social Security Administration, payments will be allocated to you after a six-month wait period. This six-month wait beings on the date that your disability will. Yet if you seek immediate financial need and have been suffering from disability for six months or longer, then you may be able to receive your payments more quickly and will continue to do so throughout the time of your disability.

Apply for Salem Social Security Disability Benefits

Seeking out Social Security disability benefits may be a worthwhile pursuit depending on the urgency of your need. In order to have a chance for success though, extra measures must be taken, for example gaining the counsel of a Salem Social Security disability lawyer. You should get in touch with a lawyer before you finish filing your claim with your local Social Security Office. By having a SSDI lawyer assist you, you can fill out your forms more efficiently and thoroughly, as well as present a complete medical record. This medical record is crucial to being awarded disability benefits. The disability application procedure is long and complicated and those who do not seek professional legal help tend to receive rejections from the SSA. These groups of applications who receive rejections represent almost two-thirds of all applications for disability.

In the event that your Social Security disability application is rejected, then the following action would be to go through an appeal process. The appeal process includes a Request for Reconsideration, followed by a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Applicants at this stage wait between three to six months for requests, but unfortunately, almost 80 percent of these applicants are still denied any disability benefits. Moreover, it can take up to two years for you to get a hearing in front of a judge. This is why the aid of a SSDI attorney is crucial to the success of your case because studies have proven that those who have an attorney are more prone to get a positive outcome.

Your local Salem Social Security office that organizes all disability hearings can be found at 530 center St. N.E., suite 530.

Salem Social Security Disability Resources

While submitting your disability application to this office, the success of your claim is contingent upon providing sufficient medical evidence. In the case that you do not currently have insurance or are facing obstacles finding medical resources, there are low-cost clinics that can provide assistance. The following is a list of low-cost clinics that serve the people living in Salem:

Lancaster Family Health Center
3896 Beverly Ave. N.E. J40
Salem, OR 97305

Northwest Human Services-Homeless Outreach and Advocacy Project (HOAP)
694 Church St. N.E.
Salem, OR 97301

Salem Free Medical Clinic
3850 Portland Rd NW
Salem OR 97301

West Salem Clinic Mental Health
1245 Edgewater St. N.W.
Salem, OR 97304

West Salem Dental Clinic
190 Kingwood Ave. N.W.
Salem, OR 97304

West Salem Medical Clinic
1233 Edgewater St. NW
Salem, OR 97304

Your Salem Disability Claim

If you would like to improve the outcome of your disability decision and want to avoid going through the difficult disability appeal process, then discussing your claim with a Salem Social Security disability attorney would be to your greatest advantage. Your SSDI attorney will conclude whether or not your disability claim has credibility. After that discussion, your SSDI attorney will work hard in helping you prepare for the subsequent steps of the disability application process. He or she will help you fill out all the important paperwork for your claim in addition to helping you gather important medical information on behalf. The inclusion of your medical records will further buffer your case for the Social Security administration to review. If your first attempt to gain disability benefits is initially unsuccessful, then your SSDI attorney will help you through the disability appeal process and continue to provide you with necessary assistance.