Rochester Social Security Disability Resources

Located in western New York, Rochester is the thirds largest city in the state, trailing only New York City and Buffalo. It has a population of over 210,000 in the city itself and slightly over one million in its metropolitan region. Rochester has been recognized by several publications for its livability and overall high quality of life. It is widely viewed as a great place to raise a family, with a school system amongst the best in the country.

While Rochester has been affected by the economic downturn of recent years, it maintains a strong manufacturing and technology base. This is in part because the city has a strong reputation for its research facilities. Several institutions of higher learning are located in or near Rochester, adding to the talent pool local employers have to choose from.

Several high profile employers are headquartered or have significant operations in Rochester. These include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, all of which were founded in Rochester. A number of other well-known companies, such as Western Union, were founded in Rochester but have since relocated.

A full 27% of Rochester’s working age community has a disability, considerably higher than the national average. Of these, fewer than 48% are able to maintain gainful employment.

Many of those living with disabilities in Rochester are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. For some, this is their only way to maintain an income while coping with their disabling conditions.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you must prove that you are completely disabled and cannot reasonably be expected to perform any work which you are qualified for. Further, you must show that your disability would stop you from being able to train for any other kind of work which is available and for which a person of your educational level and skill set would be expected to perform. In order to qualify for SSDI, you must have worked at a job for 5 out of the last 10 years during which you paid FICA taxes. Your work history will not come into play if you are applying for SSI.

If you think you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, it’s best to start the process as soon as possible. Even in the most open and shut cases, it often takes three to six months before benefits are awarded. If your initial claim is denied and you opt to appeal the ruling, approval of benefits can take several more months. In some cases, a disability claim can take years before it is approved.

Apply for Rochester Social Security Disability

You are entitled to representation when applying for Social Security disability benefits or appealing the initial decision of the SSA. While some people can and do apply for Social Security disability benefits without any legal help, statistics show that those who have adequate representation are considerably more likely to have their disability claims approved.

Regardless of where you are in the claims or appeals process, consider contacting a Rochester Social Security attorney to discuss the particulars of your disability claim. While every claim has its own challenges, a Rochester disability lawyer will know what kind of facts and documentation the SSA adjudicators need to see before they can approve your disability claim.

Even if you have been turned down for disability benefits, it isn’t too late to contact a Rochester Social Security disability lawyer. Don’t just take no for an answer. Have an experienced Rochester disability attorney review your claim first.

If you are just starting the process of making a Social Security disability claim in the Rochester area, contact the Social Security Office nearest you:

Rochester Social Security Disability
100 Chestnut St. #1400
Rochester, NY 14604

Rochester Social Security Disability
4050 W. Ridge Rd.
Rochester, NY 14626

Rochester Social Security Disability Resources

One of the most important things to do while you are in the process of claiming disability is to continue seeing your doctor and following his prescriptions without fail. Failure to continue with appropriate medical care can be grounds for your claim being denied.

Many disabled persons are put in the Catch-22 of being unable to afford a doctor’s services while they’re not working while needing the doctor’s services (and all important documentation) so they can qualify for Social Security disability programs.

There’s no easy answer for this, unfortunately. For many people, the best solution is to regularly visit reduced cost or free medical clinics. For those in Rochester, this means driving or getting a ride, as the closest free clinics are over 70 miles away. Still, it is important to continue receiving medical treatment until your disability claim has been approved.

Free clinics relatively close to Rochester include:

Amaus Health Services at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
259 E. Onondaga St.
Syracuse, NY 13102
(315) 424-1955

Ithaca Free Clinic
225 S. Fulton St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 330-1254

Health Ministry of the Southern Tier
300 Nassau Civic Plaza Ste. 230
Corning, NY 14830
(607) 962-2032

Your Rochester Social Security Disability Claim

If you are in the process of claiming Social Security disability, you don’t need to go through the process alone. Contact an experienced Rochester Social Security disability attorney now to discuss your claim.

The initial consultation is free and no fees will be collected unless your Social Security disability claim is approved. With over 70% of initial disability claims being rejected these days, it simply makes sense to have the best representation you can throughout the claims and appeals process.

Please fill out the free disability evaluation form located on this site if you wish to be contacted by a disability attorney.