Richmond Social Security Disability

Richmond, Virginia is unique in the fact that it is an independent state and is not part of any county. The city serves as the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Area and it is the third-largest city in the State of Virginia. The City of Richmond is influenced significantly by the government sector, with legal services, finance and government sectors playing a leading role in the area’s economic well-being. The city also houses the United States Court of Appeals and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

If you hope to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in the Richmond area you must be able to furnish proof that you are suffering from a physical or mental disability that prevents you from performing any type of work activity. In addition, the disability that you are suffering from must be expected to last for a minimum period of twelve months.

The SSA has published a list of qualifying disabling conditions. This list is known as the SSA Blue Book. If your disability is included in this Blue Book you may have an easier time proving that you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if you can provide objective medical evidence proving that you meet the criteria of this published disability. If your condition is not included in the Blue Book listings, you may still qualify for benefits but you will likely need to work harder to prove the extent of your condition and explain how it qualifies you for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Once you are approved for disability benefits you will begin receiving those benefits after you have met a six-month wait requirement that has been set forth by the SSA. The start of this period is counted from the date that your disability began, so it is entirely possible that you will begin receiving benefits immediately if you have been disabled six months or more when your application for disability benefits is approved. If it has been more than six months, you may even be entitled to back pay from the SSA. For example, if you have been disabled for one year once you receive an approval of your disability benefits, you will begin receiving benefits immediately plus you may be entitled to six months of back pay from the SSA. This back pay will be given to you in a one-time lump-sum payment. The amount of this back payment will depend on the amount of your monthly disability allowance.

Apply for Richmond Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Richmond area, you should discuss your disability case with a qualified Richmond Social Security Disability attorney before you file your disability claim with the SSA. In order to be approved for benefits you must fill out your claim paperwork properly and you must provide the SSA with sufficient medical evidence. A Social Security attorney will know exactly what the SSA will need in order to approve your claim during the initial stage of the disability application process.

If your initial claim for benefits is not approved by the SSA, your Richmond Social Security Disability attorney can represent you through each stage of your disability appeal. Statistics have proven that applicants who have legal representation throughout this process are more likely to be awarded benefits than applicants who choose to represent themselves.
The Social Security Office that is in charge of processing disability applications for Richmond-area residents is located at 1834 W Cary Street in the City of Richmond.

Richmond Social Security Disability Resources

Before you submit your application to this Social Security office it is crucial that you have current medical evidence to submit with your claim. If you are out of work and have no access to medical insurance and no means of income, obtaining the medical evidence that you need may be complicated. In many cases, low-cost medical clinics can help. Below are some low-cost clinics that serve Richmond residents:

Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority
1602 Rolling Hills Dr 107
Richmond VA 23229

Center for High Blood Pressure
1200 West Cary Street ,P.O.Box 5039
Richmond VA 23220

Cross Over Health Center Downtown
108 Cowardin Ave
Richmond VA 23224

CrossOver Chesterfield
2619 Sherbourne Rd.
Richmond VA 23237

CrossOver West Clinic
8600 Quioccasin Rd. 105
Richmond VA 23229

Daily Planet Healthcare for the Homeless Program
517 West Grace Street
Richmond VA 23220

Fan Free Clinic, Inc.
1010 N. Thompson St. P.O. Box 6477
Richmond VA 23230

Richmond Area High Blood Pressure Center
1200 W Cary St
Richmond VA 23220

The Healing Place
700 Dinwiddie Ave.
Richmond VA 23224

Vernon J. Harris Medical Center
719 N. 25th St.
Richmond VA 23223

Your Richmond Disability Claim

When you hire a Richmond Social Security Disability attorney, your attorney will review your disability claim with you, discussing whether or not you are likely to be awarded benefits from the SSA. He or she will also help you fill out your disability claim forms properly and will work with you to gather the evidence you need to prove your case to the SSA. If your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied by the SSA, your Richmond Social Security Disability lawyer will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process. Statistics have shown that applicants who are represented by a qualified attorney are more likely to receive benefits than applicants who choose to represent themselves through the application and appeal process.

Fortunately you do not have to pay up-front for the services of a Richmond Social Security attorney. These professionals work on a contingency basis, collecting 25 percent of any back pay that you are awarded from the SSA, up to a maximum amount of $6,000. If you do not win your disability case, your attorney does not collect a fee.

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