Pueblo Social Security Disability

Pueblo is the county seat of Pueblo County in the southeastern part of Colorado. In the 2010 census, Pueblo had a population of about 106,000 people. Pueblo is located 110 miles south of Denver. Because of the semi-arid desert area in which it lies, Pueblo often receives less snow than other cities in Colorado. Pueblo produces a very large volume of steel, and has sometimes been called the “Steel City.” Because Colorado is considered a key swing state, many presidents and other political leaders have visited Pueblo, including Theodore Roosevelt, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, John McCain and Barack Obama. Pueblo is the economic and shopping hub for about 20 counties in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, collectively known as the Pueblo region.

Are you a person who is living in Pueblo and may be suffering as a result of a long-term or severe disability? Maybe you have thought about the idea of applying for Social Security Disability benefits. If you have a long-term disabling condition which has made it difficult or completely impossible for you to hold a job, you may qualify for such benefits. If you have considered applying for Social Security Disability benefits, then you probably already realize that it can be difficult to pursue your disability case. Some people find that the process is so overwhelming that they are afraid to even attempt to begin it. Fortunately you don't have to let that happen. It's not necessary for you to figure out the whole application process by yourself. You can retain the services of a Pueblo Social Security Disability attorney to help you get through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits you will be required to demonstrate that you have been prevented from holding a job because of your disability and you will need to understand how your claim qualifies you for benefits under the Social Security laws. Social Security Disability laws can be difficult to understand. A Pueblo Social Security Disability lawyer will have a good grasp of the laws and it is a good idea to get an attorney to help you fill out your application if you hope to have the best chance of receiving an approval during the initial stage of the application process.

You can meet with an attorney to discuss your case and he or she can advise you on your chances of getting disability benefits from the SSA. If there seems to be a problem with your case, they can work with you to deal with these issues before you apply for benefits. If you are approved for benefits, those benefits will begin once you have met the SSA’s required six-month waiting period. This period starts from the onset date of your disability so it is very likely that benefits will begin immediately upon your claim approval and you may even be entitled to a certain amount of back pay if you have been disabled for more than six months once your claim is actually approved.

Applying for Pueblo Social Security Disability Benefits

The process of getting disability benefits requires you to fill out many forms, and fill them out without error, in order to qualify. It can be a complicated process. Obtaining the help of a Pueblo Social Security Disability lawyer can increase your chances of receiving disability benefits as a result of your initial disability application. You don't have to go through that whole Social Security Disability application process on your own. Statistics show that people who use an attorney to help them with their disability claim have a greater likelihood of being approved for benefits. This is because these lawyers understand what the SSA needs to see in order to approve a claim for benefits.

To qualify for disability benefits you must provide evidence that you are suffering from a long-term disability (12 months or longer) and that the disability completely prevents you from performing any type of work activity.

The Social Security office that will handle your disability case if you live in Pueblo is located at 3769 Parker Boulevard.

Pueblo Social Security Disability Resources

To complete your application for disability benefits you will need to have documentation showing the extent of your disability. This means having access to current medical records. That can be a challenge, especially if you don't have health insurance. There are, however, many free or low-cost health clinics where you can be seen and get help with the medical record requirements. These are some of the low-cost clinics in your area that can help:

Pueblo Community Health Center
110 East Routt ave
Pueblo CO 81004

Pueblo Community Health Center Administration
112 E. Pitkin Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81004

Park Hill Clinic
1302 E. 5th St.
Pueblo, CO 81001

Colorado Avenue Clinic
300 Colorado Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004

Your Pueblo Social Security Disability Claim

Many people have chosen to retain a Pueblo Social Security attorney to help them with their application for disability benefits. These lawyers don't charge an upfront fee for their work. They provide service on a contingency basis, which means they receive their money only if you receive back pay from Social Security Administration for the time you have already missed work. The attorney will receive 25% of the back pay, but only up to a maximum of $6,000. That means that you won't have to pay anything up front in order to get the help of a Pueblo Social Security lawyer.

If you have been turned down already for disability benefits, you will have a better chance of appealing your case than you will of re-applying for benefits. If you decide to appeal your case, it will be good idea to have a Pueblo disability attorney helping you through the process. A Pueblo disability lawyer can improve your chances of getting disability benefits when you pursue the process of a disability appeal since these lawyers are very capable of representing you through each stage of the appeal process and can prepare you for a hearing before an administrative law judge – a process that can be complex and overwhelming if you try to undertake it yourself.