Portland Social Security Disability

The city of Portland is located at the Pacific Northwest in the state of Oregon. It has a population of 583,776 as of 2010. It is ranked as the 29th most populous US city. In Oregon itself, Portland is the largest city. The city has a commission-based government and is known for strong land use and light rail investments. There are many microbreweries, microdistilleries, and coffee lovers in the city. It is also known for its land, which is ideal for growing roses.

According to the December 2010 Social Security Administration (SSA) Statistics, 97, 786 disabled workers were receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) from Oregon.

Residents of Portland will qualify for SSDI assistance for a medical condition that qualifies as a disability under the definition of SSA. Another requirement is that the job that you had would have paid into the Social Security System. You need to be out of work for at least a year and meet the conditions listed above to be able to qualify for monthly cash benefits, and these benefits will continue until you are able to work regularly again. As of the moment, there are no Social Security benefits available for short term or partial disabilities.

Apply for Portland Social Security Disability Benefits

It can be hard to qualify for Portland Social Security Disability benefits, since more than half of the applications are denied. The main reason why most disability claims are denied is because of incomplete, missing, or disorderly medical documentation and paperwork. Should you wish to greatly increase your odds that your application for Portland Social Security Disability be approved, you should hire a Portland Social Security Disability Attorney. The lawyer that specializes in disabilities, as your representative, can look into all your forms to make sure that they are complete and promptly filled out. According to a report made by SSA’s Office of Inspector General, the chance of getting your claims approved is greatly improved with the help of an attorney.

If you were informed via a denial letter that your claims have been denied, you can apply for an appeal within 60 days. You can file for a Request for Reconsideration followed by a Disability Hearing. Both cases will require the help of a Portland Disability Lawyer. Although the percentage of those who appeal for a reconsideration and get rejected reaches up to 90%, more than 60% of those at the hearing stage are granted disability benefits. Your best chance is to hire a Portland Social Security lawyer as soon as the initial application has been denied. To help you, the disability attorney will give you sufficient knowledge about the application process and the steps that will help to ensure your success which include the proper filling out of documents. The lawyer will also ensure that you get continued medical treatment and that you are prepared to make a testimony in front of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) during the hearing stage.

You can file your Social Security Disability claim at the following office in Portland Oregon:

Portland Social Security Disability
1538 Southwest Yamhill Street
Portland, OR
(800) 772-1213

Portland Social Security Disability Resources

You need to provide documentation that you are not fit to work to be awarded the claims that you are applying for. This can be difficult for those who are not able to afford going to a doctor for proper diagnosis.
To help with this problem, you can go to these free/reduced cost clinics in Portland, Oregon:

Health Help Center
4842 N.E. 8th
Portland, OR 97211
Phone #: (503) 288-5995

Multnomah Co. Health Department
426 S.W. Stark
Portland, OR 97204
Phone #: (503) 248-3700 Ext. 4

1236 S.W. Salmon
Portland, OR 97205
Phone #: (503) 223-4121

Planned Parenthood
3231 S.E. 50th
Portland, OR 97206
Phone #: (503) 775-0861

Your Portland Disability Claim

Not having the right and complete medical documents on file will automatically cause your application to be denied. Before making any move, you should contact a Portland Disability attorney, who will be able to check your claims and file the complete paperwork for you. If your claim has been denied, it is also the attorney’s job to represent you all throughout the appeals process.

All disability lawyers offer a free initial consultation. They are only paid after you have been awarded the benefits. To find out how to hire a Social Security attorney or to get a free evaluation for your case, click here.