Port Saint Lucie Social Security Disability Resources

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is a city of roughly 155,000 which was developed in the 1960s out of a formerly uninhabited area of land in western Florida. The city was rapidly developed but experienced tremendous setbacks due to the 2007 housing market crash which severely devastated the economy and left many unemployed. Economic recovery was boosted, however, when the Florida Center of Innovation moved into the area in 2008 and established two research institutes and two cutting-edge biotechnical companies, providing more than 30,000 jobs to Port Saint Lucie residents.

Because of its tropical climate, the city is the spring training grounds of the New York Mets as well as the St. Lucie Mets Florida State team, and is home of a PGA Village.

Port Saint Lucie residents have fallen on tough financial times in recent years, a circumstance which especially affects those who are least able to compete for limited jobs. Over 12,000 Port Saint Lucie residents are physically or mentally disabled, and only 59% of them are employed.

Finding work when you become disabled may be difficult because you are unable to perform the movements or tasks necessary to complete even the most basic job. Whether your disability has happened gradually or come on suddenly, you may qualify for the Social Security Administration’s SSDI benefits program.

When you apply for Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability, the SSA reviews your case using a process called determination. If you meet the basic unemployment or underemployment criteria, have contributed enough Social Security payroll taxes in previous years of employment, and can prove you are disabled according to the SSA’s standards, you will be approved for benefits.

The time you will wait for your Port St. Lucie disability benefits determination will vary based on the volume of cases being reviewed and how easily your case can be decided, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

If you are granted benefits, you have made it into the 30% of approved first-time applicants. If you are denied benefits for whatever reason, you are entitled to a redetermination and then an appeals court hearing as long as you file within 60 days of each decision.

Apply for Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability Benefits

Your chances of receiving a positive determination for Port St. Lucie disability benefits the first time around are statistically slim. However, hiring a Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability lawyer will increase the chances that your case will be accepted by the SSA the first time. Because a Port. St. Lucie Social Security Disability attorney has experience with the practices, procedures and determination process the SSA uses and is familiar with the key reasons they reject cases, their assistance could keep you from making a crucial mistake on your application. Even if you are denied Port St. Lucie disability benefits the first time, a Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability attorney will help you improve your case even more to secure your approval at the appeals level, the level which represents your best chance of finally receiving approval for benefits.

While you are working on your application, you can contact the Port St. Lucie Social Security Office at the address below:

Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability
6810 S US HWY 1

Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability Resources

The SSA determines if your disability is disabling by evaluating your symptoms, diagnoses and other medical evidence against those listed in the standardized Listing of Impairments located in the Blue Book and available for your reference. Having accurate and sufficient medical proof for your disability is the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of securing Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability, since insufficient medical proof is one of the number one reasons the SSA gives for refusing benefits. Most medical professionals are familiar with the SSA’s requirements, so make sure your doctors know you are filing for Port St. Lucie disability benefits. If you need further consultation or tests and are unable to use previous sources due to being uninsured, here are a few low-cost medical clinics in your area.

Saint Lucie Women & Children
1871 S.E. Tiffany Ave Suite 200
Port Saint Lucie FL 34952

Volunteers in Medicine (VIMO) Clinic
417 SE Balboa Avenue
Stuart FL 34994

Martin Memorial Health Systems
200 S.E. Hospital Ave. P.O. Box 9010
Stuart FL 34995

HANDS clinic
3855 South U.S. 1
Fort Pierce FL 34982

Your Port St. Lucie Disability Claim

Filling for Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability is necessary and extremely helpful if you are disabled and have no means of support. Don’t let the system get the best of you by being intimidated by the statistics or the long process. Provide adequate, accurate information for your application, and let a Port St. Lucie Social Security Disability lawyer handle the rest.