Paradise Social Security Disability Resources

Paradise, Nevada is an unincorporated town that is governed by Clark County. Paradise is actually located within the Las Vegas metropolitan area and a number of the more famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip are actually located in Paradise. Due to the fact that Paradise is unincorporated, it has no zip code. Despite this, Paradise is quite large and if it was ever incorporated, it would be one of the largest cities in the state of Nevada.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has reported that more than 31,191 individuals in the State of Nevada receive Social Security Disability benefits. If an individual hopes to qualify for such benefits they must meet the SSA’s determining criteria. The easiest way to meet the criteria is if your specific condition is listed in the “Blue Book” of medical conditions that is published by the SSA. If your condition is not included in the SSA’s Blue Book it is still possible to obtain Social Security Disability benefits but you may have a harder time proving your disabled status to the SSA. It is also important to note that you will need to prove that your medical condition is expected to last at least 12 months if you are to be qualified for benefits under the SSA’s Social Security Disability guidelines.

If you can prove beyond a doubt that your disabling condition prevents you from performing any type of work activity then you will likely be awarded Social Security Disability benefits. Your benefit payments will start after a six-month waiting period, which is counted from the date of your disability onset. These disability benefits do not expire. If, however, your condition improves to the extent that you are able to return to work, your benefits will stop and you will need to resume full-time work activity.

Apply for Paradise Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Paradise area, you should consider discussing your disability case with a qualified Paradise Social Security Disability attorney. While many people wait until after they have been denied benefits to talk to a Paradise disability lawyer, doing so can be a grave mistake. The Social Security Disability application process can very difficult to navigate. Because of this, many people do not provide sufficient evidence to the SSA and do not fill out their forms properly during the application process. As a result, nearly 60 percent of initial applications are denied by the SSA each and every year. This results in the need for a disability appeal, which can take more than two years to complete. If you hope to avoid the disability appeal process, your best chance is to work with a Paradise disability attorney during the initial stage of the Social Security Disability claim process.

While it is recommended that you retain the services of a Social Security attorney prior to filing your disability claim, many people still decide to wait until their initial claim has been denied before they sit down and consult with an attorney. If your initial claim for disability benefits has been denied by the SSA, it is likely that you will need to attend a disability hearing during your disability appeal. It is important to have an attorney represent you at this hearing as the chances of you being awarded benefits as a result of this hearing are significantly increased with proper legal representation.

When you retain the services of a Paradise Security lawyer, your lawyer will work with you to help you through each step of your Social Security Disability appeal. Your attorney will work to obtain the medical evidence you need to prove your case to the SSA and will help you understand what to expect when you attend your disability hearing.

If you need to visit your local Social Security office to obtain claim forms or you need to file your claim, the office where Paradise residents need to go is located at:

Nevada Social Security Disability
10416 Eastern Avenue
Henderson, NV 89052

Paradise Social Security Disability Resources

When filing a disability claim it is very important that you provide the SSA with current medical evidence to support your case. Unfortunately, this can be hard for many disability applicants to accomplish due to a lack of medical insurance. Fortunately, many low-cost medical clinics can help. Below are some low-cost clinics that can help you in your efforts to obtain the medical evidence that you will need:

Bridger Health Center
310 South 9th Street Suite 110
Las Vegas NV 89101

Cambridge Family Health Center
3900 Cambridge St Suite 102
Las Vegas NV 89119

Central Neighborhood Family Services Center
121 South Martib Luther King Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89106

Downtown Outreach Clinic
403 W. Wilson Ave.
Las Vegas NV 89106

Eastern Family Medical and Dental Center
2212 S Eastern Ave
Las Vegas NV 89104

Las Vegas Outreach Clinic (LVOC)
47 W Owens Ave
Las Vegas NV 89030

Martin Luther King Family Health Center
1700 Wheeler Peak Dr
Las Vegas NV 89106

Nevada Health Center, Inc. - Miles for Smiles Mobile Dental
4415 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 103
Las Vegas NV 89102

Nevada Health Center, Inc. - Miles for Smiles Mobile Dental
4415 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas NV 89102

Nevada Health Centers Mammovan
4415 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 103
Las Vegas NV 89102

Nevada Health Centers OB/GYN
400 Shadow Lane Suite 106
Las Vegas NV 89106

Operation H.O.P.E.
3430 E. Flamingo Road 350
Las Vegas NV 89121

Rancho Family Health Center
630 S. Rancho Dr. A
Las Vegas NV 89106

Red Rock Medical Group
5701 W. Charleston Blvd. 100
Las Vegas NV 89146

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada
4770 Harrison Dr
Las Vegas NV 89121

Your Paradise Disability Claim

It is important to understand that in order to have the best possible chance of receiving an approval of your Social Security Disability claim, you should really consult with a Paradise Social Security lawyer prior to filling out your application paperwork. You can discuss your case with your attorney and he or she can explain whether or not it is likely that you will be approved for Social Security Disability. If your attorney believes that you have a valid case, he or she will help you prepare your disability claim paperwork. Your attorney may also file your paperwork with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. If, for some reason, you are not approved for benefits during the initial stage of the application process, your Paradise disability attorney will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process. Legal representation during a disability appeal is essential in order to increase your chances of having a successful appeal outcome.

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