Orlando Social Security Disability

Orlando, home to Disney World, is one of the hottest tourist spots in the nation. It is also the county seat of Orange County. While Orlando is not short of visitors, it also has a large number of full-time residents. Orlando is home to more than 238,000 Florida residents, making it the 79th largest city in the United States.

The Social Security Administration has reported that more than 375,000 individuals in the State of Florida receive Social Security Disability benefits. If an individual in Orlando wishes to qualify for such benefits, they must meet the Social Security Administration’s determining criteria. The easiest way for an applicant to meet the criteria is if their specific condition is listed in the “Blue Book” of medical conditions that is published by the Social Security Administration and that condition is expected to last at least one year. If an applicant’s disabling condition is not included in the SSA’s Blue Book, it is still possible to obtain Social Security Disability benefits but they might have to work harder to prove their disabled status.

If a disability applicant can prove beyond a doubt that their disabling condition has prevented them from partaking in gainful work activity, that applicant is likely to be awarded Social Security Disability benefits. The benefit payments will begin after a six-month waiting period. This six-month period is counted from the date of the disability onset. These disability benefits do not expire. If, however, the beneficiary’s condition improves to the extent that they are able to return to work, the benefits will stop and the worker will need to resume full-time work activity.

Apply for Orlando Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Orlando area, you need to think about talking to a qualified Orlando Social Security lawyer about your disability case. While you may be under the assumption that you should not talk to an attorney until after your initial application has been denied, the truth is that an attorney may actually increase your chances of receiving a favorable decision during the initial stage of the application process. The Social Security Disability application process can be very confusing. Many people fail to fill out their forms properly or fail to submit enough objective medical evidence. As a result, nearly 60 percent of initial applications are denied by the SSA each and every year. This results in the need for a disability appeal, which can take more than two years to complete. If you hope to avoid the disability appeal process, your best chance is to work with an Orlando disability attorney during the initial stage of the Social Security Disability claim process.

If you have already been denied Social Security Disability benefits, you definitely need to consult with an Orlando Social Security attorney prior to filing an appeal. Most applicants who face a disability appeal must attend a disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge. While you can represent yourself at this hearing, there are many complex laws that can affect the outcome of your disability case and an attorney is best suited to help you through this stage of the appeal process.

When you hire an Orlando Social Security lawyer, your lawyer will work with you to help you through each step of your Social Security Disability appeal. Your attorney will work to obtain the medical evidence that you need in order to prove your case to the Social Security Administration. Your attorney will also help you understand what to expect when you attend your disability hearing.

Should you need to visit your local Social Security office, the office where Orlando residents need to go is located at 5520 Gatlin Avenue, Suite 101, in the City of Orlando.

It is very important that you have current medical evidence when filing your initial disability application and any subsequent appeals. When you do not have an income or insurance, obtaining this evidence can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many low-cost clinics that can help. Below are some of the low-cost clinics in the Orlando area that can help you obtain the medical evidence that you need:

After Hours Clinic Pediatrics Urgent Care - Waterford Lakes
651 N Alafaya Tr
Orlando FL 32803

Central Florida Family Health Center
11881-A East Colonial Drive
Orlando FL 32826

Central Florida Family Health Center
6101 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando FL 32809

Central Florida Family Health Center - Hoffner
5449 S. Semoran Blvd 14
Orlando FL 32822

Central Florida Family Health Center - Lake Underhill
5730 Lake Underhill Road
Orlando FL 32807

Community Health Centers - Eatonville Family & Dental Care
434 W Kennedy Blvd Suite D
Orlando FL 32810

Community Health Centers - Pine Hills
1800 Mercy Drive
Orlando FL 32808

Downtown Orlando Shepherd's Hope Health Center
101 S. Westmoreland Dr. 200
Orlando FL 32805

Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Shepherd's Hope Health Center
2008 North Goldenrod Road
Orlando FL 32807

Evan's Sheperd's Hope Health Center
4851 South Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando FL 32819

Health Care Center for the Homeless, Inc.
234 North Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando FL 32805

Lake Ellenor Dental Center
6101 Lake Ellenor Dr 106
Orlando FL 32809

Pine Hills Family Health Center
1800 Mercy Dr
Orlando FL 32808

Sheperd's Hope
4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd.
Orlando FL 32819

Walker Shepherd's Hope Health Center/Walker Middle School Family Svc
150 Amidon Lane
Orlando FL 32809

Your Orlando Disability Claim

It is important to understand that in order to have the best possible chance of receiving an approval of your Social Security Disability claim, you should consult with an Orlando Social Security lawyer prior to filling out your initial application paperwork. When you hire an Orlando disability attorney you can discuss your case with the professional you hire and he or she can explain whether or not it is likely that you will be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. If your attorney believes that you have a valid case, he or she will help you prepare the paperwork for your disability claim. Your attorney may also file your paperwork with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. If, for some reason, you are not approved for benefits during the initial stage of the application process, your Orlando disability attorney will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process. Statistics show that applicants who obtain proper legal representation are more likely to be awarded benefits than applicants who choose to represent themselves.