Ontario Social Security Disability

Ontario, California is named after Ontario, Canada, the original home of the Chaffey brothers who established it as a model colony in 1882. Since its founding, the city has shifted its focus many times. It was first known as a health resort and later for its agricultural production of oranges, lemons, and olives. Now the city’s economy is mostly concentrated in service industries and warehousing freight. Maglite Corporation, the well-known flashlight company, has its home there.

The population of Ontario was 163,900 in 2010, making it the fourth largest city in San Bernardino California. The city is located 35 miles east of Los Angeles and is the site of the LA/Ontario International Airport, one of the major U.S. airports, and Ontario Mills, one the U.S.’s largest shopping malls.

Of the 163,900 residents in Ontario, 24,000 are disabled and 54.6% are unemployed. If you are an Ontario, California resident who is disabled, you know that it either difficult or impossible to maintain employment while struggling to perform the most basic functions. Residents of Ontario who are disabled and unable to work because of it should apply for Ontario Social Security Disability. This program, run by the Social Security Administration, provides benefits for those who qualify for the basic and medical requirements.

To apply for SSDI, you must submit an application which includes information about your work history, to ensure you have contributed enough payroll taxes from previous employment, as well as medical documentation of your disabling condition. Your disability must be expected to last at least a year.,/p>

The SSA will compare your information to the Blue Book listing of impairments to determine if your condition is truly disabling. If you receive a positive determination for benefits, you can expect them after a six month waiting period. If you do not qualify, you can request a redetermination, and after that, an appeal to an administrative law court hearing.,/p>

Apply for Ontario Social Security Disability

Applying for Ontario disability benefits is a necessary step for many Ontario residents who become disabled and unable to earn an income. However, applying for benefits is no guarantee that you will receive them. The SSA carefully determines which cases qualify for SSDI according to their standards, and are known for being meticulous. Applying for Ontario Social Security Disability on your own can be nerve wracking if you are unsure if your information presents a good case for your disability, considering that over 60% of disability cases are denied benefits at the first level. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you seek the professional counsel of an Ontario Social Security Disability attorney to assist you in the application process. An Ontario Social Security Disability lawyer knows the SSA’s practices and requirements better than most, and has experience in winning disability cases just like yours.

If you are denied benefits even with the guidance of an Ontario Social Security Disability attorney, they can help you determine how to further improve the proof for your case so that it doesn’t get rejected in the appeals process. At the hearing level, a majority of Ontario Social Security Disability cases are awarded benefits, and your Ontario Social Security Disability lawyer will ensure yours is one of them.

If you need to contact the Ontario Social Security Office for forms or information, you can contact them at the following address.

Ontario Social Security Disability
E. Holt Blvd.
Ontario, California 91761

Ontario Social Security Disability Resources

Get the best results from your Ontario Social Security Disability application by paying careful attention to the details in your medical records. The SSA’s Blue Book lists all of the impairments the SSA considers severely disabling. Ensure your condition is listed, or if not, that it can be evaluated easily by Blue Book standards. Make sure that you have had all the required and recommended tests to verify your diagnosis, and that your records are professional, clear, and cooperative. If, with the help of your Ontario Social Security Disability attorney, you discover that you need additional exams or tests performed, here is a list of affordable clinics in the Ontario area you can contact.

Health Services Alliance Clinic
5111 E Benito Street
Montclair CA 91763

East Valley Community Health Center - Pomona
680 Fairplex Dr.
Pomona CA 91768

Jurupa Health Center
9415 Mission Blvd. R
Riverside CA 92509

Inland Empire Community Health
18601 Valley Blvd.
Bloomington CA 92316

Your Ontario Disability Claim

Keep in mind how much you need Ontario disability benefits as you are preparing your application and filing your claim. Putting forth your best effort may mean a little extra time and money initially, but when you receive your benefits payments, it will all be worth it. Calling for a consultation with a Ontario Social Security Disability attorney can make the difference between weeks and months or years in receiving your Ontario disability benefits.