Oklahoma City Social Security Disability

Oklahoma City is the largest city and capital of the state of Oklahoma. This city is the 31st in the United States in terms of population but ranks 8th in the country by land area. Oklahoma has one of the most bountiful livestock markets in the globe and has petroleum, natural gas, and oil as its major industries. It is also the home of the Tinker Air Force Base and the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. Its land limits reach into the Cleveland, Pottawatomie, and Canadian counties.

The Social Security Administration reported in December 2010 that 120,235 of its citizens were awarded Social Security Disability benefits in Oklahoma City in 2010.

For someone to receive SSDI, the person has to meet two primary criteria. The person’s medical condition should be accepted by the SSA as a disability and the individual should have also paid into Social Security while he was working. If the person in question was not able to work for a year because of his medical condition and meets the above mentioned criteria, then he may qualify to receive a monthly cash allowance. The allowance that the qualified person will receive will continuously be issued until he recovers and resumes work again on a regular basis again. However, those who only have partial disabilities are not covered by these benefits.

Apply for Oklahoma City, OK Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are planning to file for Social Security Disability benefits, then you should prepare yourself for a lot of hard work. More than 60% of claims are rejected in the initial application stage by the Social Security Administration (SSA), so you may start considering the prospect of having a professional help assist you with your application. Getting help from an Oklahoma City Social Security Disability attorney can help you a lot in the initial application process and minimizing the risks of encountering problems with paperwork along the way. An Oklahoma Social Security Disability attorney is someone who perfectly fits this bill. They will be the one serving as your official representation and will also help you in keeping all your forms and documents in proper order. A report issued by the Office of Inspector for the SSA has just recently announced that an applicant’s chances of having his claim approved are heightened with the help of a lawyer.

Many applicants, however, still choose to pursue their initial applications on their own only to find themselves receiving a rejection letter afterward. For those who receive this notification, they have 60 days to file an appeal. This is the critical time when an Oklahoma disability lawyer has to enter the picture. If you get an attorney, you will have someone who will help you in arranging and filing your documents, ensure that you will be provided with the right medical attention, and help you in presenting your case to a judge. Though figures state that 90% of reconsideration applications are turned down, there is still an average of 60% approval rate during the hearing stage. Getting a lawyer can help you to turn the odds in your favor.

If you are an Oklahoma Social Security applicant, here is the main office which you can visit for your claim:

Oklahoma Social Security

Shepherd Mall
2615 Villa Prom
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Oklahoma Social Security Disability Resources

As mentioned above, one of the criterions indicated for someone to be entitled to these benefits is that the person should have stopped working or expect to be out of work for a year because of their disabling condition. Given this qualification, however, many disabled people have trouble in getting proper medical assistance because of financial difficulties. Without proper medical documentation, an applicant may have difficulty getting their benefits.

Fortunately, there are a number of clinics in Oklahoma offering discounted and free services:

Broken Arrow Neighbors
322 W. Broadway
Broken Arrow, OK
Phone #: (918) 251-7781

Access Health Care
902 Chickasha Ave
Chickasha, OK
Phone #: 405-224-4977

Cushing Care Clinic
1001 E. Cherry P.O. Box 1287
Cushing, OK
Phone #: 918-225-3377

El Reno Community Clinic

200 S. Bickford
El Reno, OK
Phone #: 405-262-0662

Enid Community Clinic
1106 East Broadway
Enid, OK
Phone #: 580-233-5300

Volunteer Health clinic of Pottawatomie County
1904 Gordon Cooper Drive
Shawnee, OK
Phone #: 405-273-2157

Your Oklahoma City, OK Disability Claim

Give yourself a higher chance of getting your disability claim approved with the help of an Oklahoma disability attorney. By enlisting the help of a lawyer, you will get an unbiased view of your chances of having your application approved by the Social Security Administration. In addition to the help you will get with your paperwork, you will also have professional representation in court if your application has is denied and you need to appeal.

Your disability attorney will not charge any fees unless your claim is approved. Additionally, your lawyer will only get a percentage of your first disability check, so you do not have to pay anything out of your own pocket. For a free evaluation of your claim by an Oklahoma Social Security attorney, click here. If you submit your contact information, you will be contacted shortly by someone who will be able to advise you as to whether or not you have a chance of receiving benefits.