Oceanside Social Security Disability

Oceanside, California, like many costal California cities, has the climate and beautiful ocean beaches to attract scores of tourists as well as year-round residents. Oceanside has a population of 183,000 and is part of the Tri-city area including Vista and Carlsbad as well as the 3rd largest city in San Diego County. Originally comprised of mostly residential settlements, the city has evolved into a thriving and diverse economy, and is the home of many large corporations, such as Genica Corporation (geeks.com). It is also directly south of the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendelton. Some of Oceanside’s coastal-city attractions are the Oceanside Pier, the longest wooden pier on the western coastline, the California Surf Museum, and a large annual festival known as Oceanside Harbor Days.

20,400 residents in Oceanside may find it harder than others to enjoy all the coastal attractions the city has to offer, since they are suffering with a physical or mental disability. When disabilities strike, it can be difficult to perform tasks which used to be easy and lead to an end result of a loss of employment and/ or income. About 40% of Oceanside residents with disabilities find themselves unemployed because of it.

Oceanside Social Security Disability through the Social Security Administration is available to those residents who meet the income and disability qualifications for the SSDI program. Qualification begins with falling at or below the income level set by the SSA, and includes your previous work history. The evaluation of your disability is the most extensive part of the Oceanside Social Security Disability application process, and requires you to provide medical records which prove your diagnosis and the severity of your condition, which must be expected to continue for at least 12 months. These are compared with the SSA’s Blue Book to determine if your condition is indeed disabling by SSA standards.

Once you have applied for Oceanside disability benefits, you may wait several weeks before receiving your determination. If you are one of the 30% accepted at the first level, you will receive monthly payments beginning 6 months after your decision was reached. If you are not granted benefits, you will have to request a redetermination, which if denied is followed, usually after a long wait, by a hearing in an administrative law appeals court.

Apply for Oceanside Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying as soon as possible after you become disabled is advisable, since the overwhelming volume of Oceanside Social Security Disability cases and those nationwide has increased the wait time for disability determinations, often to several months. It is often only a few weeks before you receive a rejection if you are among the 70% of initial cases which are denied benefits, but the appeals process takes much longer. A factor which can significantly improve your case’s statistics is the enlistment of an Oceanside Social Security Disability attorney. These lawyers specialize in SSDI cases and are therefore invaluable to those who are applying for the first time or want to improve their chances of winning an appeal after being rejected for benefits. The chances of winning your case at the appeals level greatly increase to over 60%, but choosing an Oceanside Social Security Disability lawyer who knows the system will increase your chances of a favorable hearing even more.

Contact the Oceanside Social Security Disability office with the information below to start your application once you have allied yourself with a Oceanside Social Security Disability lawyer.

Oceanside Social Security Disability
2160 S. El Camino Real
Oceanside, California 92054

Oceanside Social Security Disability Resources

Providing the SSA with a convincing case for your disability is dependent upon including all relevant medical documentation. With the help of an Oceanside Social Security Disability lawyer, closely check all your records to make sure nothing is missing and that your conditions and symptoms are verifiable by the tests required in the Blue Book to determine a specific diagnosis. If you are missing information, need information corrected, or just need more up to date exams, consider one of these affordable clinics in Oceanside which accept uninsured and low income patients.

Vista Community Clinic Horne Street
517 N. Horne St.
Oceanside CA 92054

Oceanside Carlsbad Community Clinic
408 Cassidy St.
Oceanside CA 92054

Women's Health Services
2210 Mesa Dr. 5
Oceanside CA 92054

Vista Community Clinic
818 Pier View Way
Oceanside CA 92054

Carlsbad Family Medicine
3050 Madison St.
Carlsbad CA 92008

Your own Oceanside Disability Claim

Disabilities can change your life and leave you with uncertainty, but with Oceanside Social Security Disability your financial situation does not have to be uncertain. If you think you may qualify for SSDI, contact an Oceanside Social Security Disability lawyer to assess your case, often for free, and personally represent you as you apply for Oceanside disability benefits.