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Mobile is the county seat of Mobile County in the State of Alabama. The city actually began as the very first capitol of colonial French Louisiana in the year 1702. During the first hundred years of its history, Mobile was a colony of France. The city became a part of the United States in 1810. The city is a cultural hub, featuring many art centers, museums, a ballet company and a variety of historic architectural designs.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the state of Alabama currently has approximately 160,000 residents who receive Social Security Disability benefits from the SSA. If you live in the City of Mobile and you suffer from a disabling condition that is preventing you from maintaining employment and your condition is expected to last for a minimum of twelve months, then it is possible that you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits from the SSA.

When you file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits in the Mobile area, the adjudicator who reviews your disability claim will compare your disability to a list of conditions that has been published in the SSA’s Blue Book. This Blue Book contains all of the disabling conditions that qualify an individual for Social Security Disability benefits. If your condition matches one of the conditions listed in this Blue Book and you have enough objective medical evidence to prove that you meet the criteria for that specific medical listing then you will likely be awarded disability benefits. On the other hand, if your condition is not listed in the Blue Book, it is still possible to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. You will just have to be able to prove (through objective medical evidence and expert testimony) that your condition has resulted in a complete inability to work.

If you are able to prove that your disability prevents you from working and you are approved for Social Security Disability benefits, your benefits will begin after you have completed a six-month waiting period. This waiting period is counted from the day that your disability started to prevent your work activity. Once you begin receiving benefits, you will continue to receive these benefits each month unless your condition improves to the point that you are able to return to work. If your condition improves and you are able to return to work, your disability benefits will be discontinued. Should this happen, you will be given notice prior to the discontinuation of your benefits.

Apply for Mobile Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Mobile area, you should contact a qualified Mobile Social Security Disability attorney before you file your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits. The application for Social Security Disability benefits can be very confusing and if you do not fill out the claim forms properly or if you fail to furnish the SSA with sufficient medical evidence, your claim will be denied. This will result in the need for a disability appeal, which can take more than two years to complete. To avoid the mistakes that are commonly made during the initial application process for disability benefits and the resulting need for a long and drawn-out appeal, it is crucial that you consult with a Mobile Social Security Disability lawyer before filling your claim.

When you retain the services of a Mobile Social Security attorney, your attorney will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability application process. The professional you choose will also ensure that your application forms and/or appeal forms are all filed properly and that you have sufficient medical evidence in order to support your claim for disability benefits. Your attorney may even arrange for expert testimony at a disability hearing to strengthen your case for benefits.

Should you need to appeal a denial of your disability benefits, your attorney will be able to prepare you for your disability hearing. The good news is that nearly 60 percent of these hearings are decided in favor of the disability applicant. However, it is important to remember that you need proper legal representation at this hearing for the best possible chance of success.

The Social Security office that is in charge of processing disability applications for Mobile residents is located at 550 Government Street in the City of Mobile.

Mobile Social Security Disability Resources

When you submit your disability claim to this Social Security Office, it is very important that you provide the SSA with current medical records. If the adjudicator reviewing your file does not have access to current medical evidence supporting your claim, he or she will not be able to award you benefits. If you are out of work and have no access to medical insurance, getting the medical evidence you need can be complicated. In many cases, low-cost medical clinics can help. Below are some of the low-cost clinics that serve residents in the Mobile area:

Albert Thomas Family Medical Center
1904 Bishop Ave.
Mobile AL 36610

Franklin Medical Mall
1303 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
Mobile AL 36603

Franklin Primary Health Center
1217 Government St.
Mobile AL 36604

Franklin Primary Health Center
1055 Dauphin St
Mobile AL 36602

H.E. Savage Memorial Center
533 Dauphin St.
Mobile AL 36602

Hadley Vision Center
572 Stanton Road
Mobile AL 36617

Maysville Medical Center
1956 Duval St.
Mobile AL 36551

Your Mobile Disability Claim

Many applicants do not understand the importance of the services of a Mobile disability attorney during the initial stage of the application process. The truth is, these professionals can significantly increase your chance of begin awarded benefits during the initial stage of the application process, allowing you to avoid the need for a disability appeal. If you do not retain the services of a Mobile disability lawyer and are denied benefits as a result of this fact, you will have to endure the lengthy and complex disability appeal process. This means waiting months or even years before seeing your first payment from the SSA.

When you work with a Mobile Social Security Disability attorney, the professional you select can evaluate your disability claim with you, discussing whether or not you are likely to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If it is decided that you have a valid disability case, your Mobile Social Security Disability lawyer can work with you to complete your claim forms properly and he or she can also help you gather the medical evidence that you will need in order to prove your case to the SSA.

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