Minneapolis Social Security Disability Resources

Minneapolis is Minnesota’s largest city and Hennepin County’s county seat. The city lies on the banks of the Mississippi River and is known for having rich wetlands. It was once considered the flour milling capital of the world and was one of the major hubs for timber in the US.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reported that as of December 2010 115,780 people were given their disability benefits in the state of Minnesota, with 15,054 people receiving disability benefits in the greater Minneapolis area.

Three requirements must be met for someone to be allowed to apply and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. First of all, the applicant’s medical condition should fall under SSA’s disability definition. Second, you should have worked before at a job that paid into the Social Security System. Lastly, the person should be unemployed for a year or more due to a medical condition. Those who are only suffering from partial injuries are not allowed to receive disability benefits.

Apply for Minneapolis Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are planning to file an application for Minneapolis Social Security Disability benefits, then you should prepare yourself for the rigorous disability application process. The SSA denies more than 60% of applications they receive.

It will increase your chances if you document and file all of your paperwork correctly and you have good medical documentation that will support your case. The easiest way to accomplish this is by having a Minneapolis Social Security Disability attorney help you prepare your application.
Besides helping you with the application, the attorney will also act as your official representation when you face the SSA. A disability lawyer can provide so much help with the disability application process that the Office of Inspector General for the SSA stated that a person’s chances of receiving disability benefits are increased with the help of an attorney.

Many people are unaware of the benefits a disability lawyer can provide them so they just file their initial applications on their own. If your claim has been denied, you only have 60 days to appeal for your case. At this point in the process, you should strongly consider hiring a disability attorney if you have yet to do so. The lawyer can walk you through all the details in the application process, take care of all your documents, make sure that you will be receiving the correct medical care for your condition, and prepare you for your testimony. Although 90% of Reconsideration Requests are denied annually, 60% of them are approved during the hearing stage.

To help you, the following is a local office where a Minneapolis Social Security applicant can go to file an application for Social Security Disability benefits:

Minneapolis Social Security Disability
1811 Chicago Ave
Suite 1
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Minneapolis Social Security Disability Resources

Someone who has been out of work for at least a year may be experiencing financial difficulties. This means it may be difficult finding the money to afford a physician’s diagnosis and medical documentation, these are two factors that are very important when filing disability claims.
Fortunately, there are health centers offering their services for free or at low cost. Listed below are those located in the Minneapolis area:

Chrysalis a Center for Women
3111 First Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 825-3333

Southside Medical Clinic
4730 Chicago Ave.
Minneapolis, MN - 55407
(612) 822-3186

Angel Foundation
708 South Third Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 627-9000

Your Minneapolis Disability Claim

Give yourself the best chances of receiving disability benefits by having a Minneapolis disability attorney by your side. Your attorney can give you an idea about your chances of getting your case approved and also file all the paperwork that you need. In case you have been denied, your Social Security attorney will also file an appeal on your half and represent you at your disability hearing.

If you are afraid you may need to spend more than you can afford, you should know an initial consultation with a disability attorney is always free. Click here for a free evaluation of your disability case.