Midland Social Security Disability Resources

The city of Midland, as you may know, got its name from being the midway point between Ft. Worth and El Paso, on the Texas and Pacific railroad. It is the county seat for Midland county, and in 2010 recorded a population of more than 136,000. Midland is the 28th largest city in Texas, and is proud of its business-friendly climate. The median income for a family in Midland county currently is just over $47,000 a year. The Spraberry Trend oil field, lying under much of Midland county, is considered the third largest oil field in the USA.

If you live in Midland and you have suffered a long term disability, maybe you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits now. People in Midland have to leave their employment every single year because of some type of severe or long-term disability. Disability benefits may be the only way some people will be able to get enough income to pay for their living expenses. But sadly, many people don't even apply for their benefits because it seems like such a long and difficult process.

To qualify to receive disability benefits in Midland, people need to demonstrate that they are clearly suffering from a long-term or severe disability. Long-term is considered to be 12 months or more, and people need to demonstrate or prove that they have been prevented from doing their work because of a disability. One needs to provide sufficient medical evidence of the condition that they suffer from and that evidence must meet the criteria of a disabling condition as established by the SSA.

If you can establish that you are disabled and the Social Security Administration approves you to receive benefits, those benefits usually began about six months after the beginning of your disability. You might receive back pay from the SSA if you have been disabled for six months or more at the time that you are approved for your disability benefits.

Applying for Midland Social Security Disability Benefits

The process of getting your Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income can be a long one, and it is often hard to qualify for the benefits you deserve. There are many forms to fill out for the process and you have to fill out all of these forms correctly if you want to be approved for disability benefits the first time you apply. The Social Security office that would handle your case in Midland is located at 3114 Sunburst Avenue in Midland.

Midland Social Security Disability Resources

To qualify for your disability benefits, you must provide the SSA with proof of the extent or type of medical condition you are suffering from. It can be difficult to obtain the recent medical evidence you need, especially if you don't have access to an affordable health care clinic or don't have insurance. There are, however, low-cost or free medical clinics where someone may be able to see you and help you obtain a copy of current medical records. Some low-cost medical clinics located in the Midland area are:

Midland Women's Services Clinic
4214 Andrews Highway
Midland, TX 79703
(432) 681-3100

Community Health Care of Midland
Coleman Family Medical Clinic
801 E. Florida Ave.
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 685-0450

Martin County Family Clinic
207 N. Lamesa Hwy
Stanton, TX 79782
(432) 607-2881

Handling Your Midland Social Security Disability Case

Before filing your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits, it may be a good idea to get the help of a Midland Social Security attorney. Finding a Midland Social disability lawyer who can help you properly fill out your claim forms can give you the best possible chance of getting approved for SSDI or SSI benefits.

A Midland disability attorney will be glad to discuss your case with you. He or she can look over your situation and determine how good of a case you have, and how likely you will be to receive benefits from the SSA. Your lawyer can also help you spot any weakness in your case and will help you deal with these issues before you submit your application to the SSA. With an Social Security attorney, you greatly increase your chances of having your application approved the initial stage of the application process.

If your request for disability benefits is denied, you may want to pursue an appeal of the SSA’s decision. This also can be a lengthy and difficult process. That is why many people choose to retain the services of a Midland Social Security attorney before they submit their application.

If your application is by some chance denied or rejected, you may want to appeal this decision and your lawyer can help you through every step of the disability appeal process. A Midland Social Security lawyer can greatly increase your chances of succeeding when you appeal to receive the Social Security Disability benefits you may be entitled to.