Mesquite Social Security Disability

Mesquite is located in the State of Texas. Characterized by a population count of 139,000, this Texas city is crossed by three major interstate highways. The airport at Mesquite is a particular favorite because of its favorable fuel prices and proximity to Dallas airport. The city also offers its own unique Para-transit facilities for the elderly and disabled residents. With its fair share of museums, amusement parks and historical sites, Mesquite is considered one of the most attractive cities in the Dallas area.

The Social Security Administration in Mesquite currently caters to approximately 30,000 disabled individuals. A disability claim can be filed in Mesquite if you have a disability that has incapacitated your working ability for more than twelve months. In case the disability has not exceeded twelve months, medical evidence proving that the disability will continue for more than 12 months can be used to help with the approval of your Social Security Disability benefits.

There are two types of Social Security Disability programs operated by the SSA. One of them, the SSDI program, requires you to have obtained a certain number of work credits throughout your work history in order to qualify. The other program, SSI, does not require work credits but does require that you meet certain income and asset restrictions. With both programs, you must provide the SSA with sufficient proof of your disabling condition.

The Social Security Administration has a “Blue Book” that lists qualifying disabilities and medical conditions. If your disability falls under one of these listed conditions and meets the criteria of the condition, your claim has a better chance of being approved by the Social Security Administration. If your disability is not included in the Blue Book, you may still be approved for benefits but chances are that you will have to fight harder for the benefits that you are entitled to.

Once you are approved for disability benefits by the Social Security Administration, you must meet a six-month waiting period before those benefits can begin. Oftentimes an applicant has already met this six-month wait requirement since the date is counted from the onset of your disability and not the date of your Social Security Disability application. If you have been disabled for six months or more at the time of your application approval, benefits will begin right away and you may even be entitled to back payments from the Social Security Administration.

Apply for Mesquite Social Security Disability Benefits

A Mesquite disability applicant will find out rather quickly that applying for Social Security Disability benefits is quite time consuming and complicated. Applying for benefits requires the detailed filing of numerous forms and these forms must be filled out properly if you have any chance of being approved for the benefits you are applying for. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits also involves providing the SSA with the supporting medical evidence that needs to be submitted along with the claim forms. If you wish to increase your chances of a successful disability claim your best bet is to retain the services of a qualified Mesquite Social Security Disability attorney.

Even when working with a Mesquite Social Security Disability lawyer, chances are that you will have some contact with your local Social Security office. The office that serves Mesquite residents is located at 2300 Dunson Drive in Balch Springs.

Mesquite Social Security Disability Resources

In addition to knowing where your local Social Security Office is, it can be helpful to know where to find low-cost medical clinics that serve in your area – especially since it will be impossible to be approved for benefits without current medical evidence. Some of the low-cost medical clinics that serve the Mesquite area include:

Health Watch
12770 Merit Drive 2nd
Dallas TX 75251

Metrocrest Family Medical Clinic
1 Medical Pkwy Pl
Dallas TX 75234

North Dallas Shared Ministries Free Clinic
2875 Merrell Drive
Dallas TX 75229

Your Mesquite Social Security Disability Case

When you consider the fact that 60 to 70 percent of the initial claims that are received by the Social Security Administration are denied each year, it becomes readily apparent that you need all the help you can get. Hiring a Mesquite Social Security attorney to guide you through the Social Security Disability claim process will increase your chances of a successful claim outcome.

The assistance of a qualified and trained Mesquite Social Security lawyer can be of great help. Your attorney will help you fill out your claim forms properly and will assist in gathering the medical evidence you will need in order to prove your case. Most importantly your Mesquite disability attorney will be able to represent you during your disability hearing should you need to pursue a disability appeal. Statistics have proven that applicants who have proper legal representation are more likely to be awarded benefits as a result of a hearing than applicants who try to represent themselves.

Many applicants end up hiring a Mesquite Social Security Disability attorney after their initial claim has been denied. This wastes precious time since the appeal process is a long and complicated one. It is much easier to retain the services of a Mesquite Social Security Disability lawyer from the onset, increasing your chances of being approved during the initial stage of the application process and decreasing the chance that you will need to file a disability appeal.