Lubbock Social Security Disability

Lubbock, Texas is the county seat of Lubbock County. The town is home to nearly 230,000 Texas residents and is the eleventh-most-populated city in the State of Texas. What Lubbock is likely most known for is the appearance of the “Lubbock Lights” that appeared above the city in 1951. Considered to be one of the greatest UFO sightings of all times, and the source of the lights still remains a mystery to this day.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA) data, the state of Texas currently has nearly 510,000 residents who are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits. If you live in the state of Texas and you are suffering from a disabling physical or mental condition that has resulted in an inability to work, then you may qualify for disability benefits from the SSA. However, you must be able to prove that your condition has resulted in a complete and long-term or permanent disability and that you are unable to work as a result of this fact.

One of the ways to prove that you are suffering from a qualifying disability is to have medical evidence showing that you meet the criteria of one of the disabling conditions that has been published in the SSA’s “Blue Book”. If you do not have a condition that is included in this blue book, you may still be able to obtain disability benefits but you will need to prove through objective medical evidence that your condition prevents you from performing any type of work activity whatsoever.

If you are declared as being qualified for Social Security Disability benefits, you will begin receiving your Social Security Disability payments after the initial six-month waiting period. The initial waiting period is counted from the day that your disability started. You will continue to receive benefits each month unless you are able to return to work. If your condition prevents you from ever being able to return to work, then you will receive your disability benefits until you reach retirement age. At that time, your disability benefits will be converted to Social Security retirement benefits.

Apply for Lubbock Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Lubbock area, you should contact a qualified Lubbock Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your Social Security Disability claim. The application for Social Security Disability benefits can be both confusing and overwhelming. Because of this, many applicants do not complete their claim forms properly or they fail to provide the SSA with enough medical evidence to support their claim. As a result, nearly 70 percent of disability claims are denied by the SSA. If, however, you consult with a disability lawyer before filing your claim, he or she can work with you to prepare your claim properly, thereby increasing your chances of an approval at the initial application stage.

Unfortunately, many people wait until after they have been denied benefits before consulting with an attorney. It is important to understand that this usually results in the payment of benefits being significantly delayed. If you are denied benefits during the initial stage of the disability application process, you will need to pursue a disability appeal in order to obtain the benefits that you need. A disability appeal usually consists of two stages including a reconsideration request and a hearing before an administrative law judge. If you did not have legal representation during the initial stage of the application process, it is very important that you have a Lubbock disability attorney representing you throughout your disability appeal.

When you retain the services of a Lubbock Social Security lawyer, that lawyer will be able to represent you through each stage of the disability appeal process. The professional that you work with will ensure that all of your documents are filed properly and that you have sufficient medical evidence in order to support your disability claim. Your attorney will also be able to prepare you for your disability hearing. Without legal representation at this hearing, your chances of a successful hearing outcome are significantly decreased.

For Lubbock residents who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits, the office that will be handling your claim is located at 2002 W Loop 289 Suite 100 in the city of Lubbock.

Lubbock Social Security Disability Resources

It is also important, when submitting your claim, that you provide the adjudicator who will be reviewing your file with current medical evidence. If you are out of work and have no access to medical insurance, getting the medical evidence you need can be problematic. In many cases, low-cost medical clinics can help. Below are some low-cost clinics in the Lubbock area that can help you in your efforts to obtain the medical evidence that you will need to provide proof of your disabling condition:

Arnett Benson Clinic
3301 Clovis Rd
Lubbock TX 79415

Community Health Clinic Lubbock - Chatman Clinic
2301 Cedar Ave
Lubbock TX 79404

Community Health Clinic Lubbock -Main Clinic
1318 Broadway Ave 5
Lubbock TX 79401

East Dental Clinic
1826 Parkway Drive 500
Lubbock TX 79403

Larry Combest Community Health and Wellness Center
301 40th St.
Lubbock TX 79404

Lubbock Children's Health Clinic
302 North University
Lubbock TX 79401

Lubbock Impact/TTUHSC Free Clinic
2707 34th Street
Lubbock TX 79410

Parkway Clinic
406 MLK Blvd
Lubbock TX 79403

Presbyterian Center Doctors Clinic
1602 Vanda Ave.
Lubbock TX 79403

Your Lubbock Disability Claim

It is understandable that Lubbock-area disability applicants do not want to wait years before receiving disability benefits from the SSA. One of the best ways to increase your chances of obtaining an initial approval of your disability claim or successfully appealing a denial of your benefits is via the services of a qualified Lubbock disability lawyer. Your lawyer will help you prepare your application paperwork and file it for you on your behalf. If your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied by the SSA, your Lubbock Social Security attorney will be able to represent you through each stage of your Social Security Disability appeal. If you want the very best chance of obtaining disability benefits from the SSA, the services of a Lubbock Social Security Disability lawyer are crucial.

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