Lowell Social Security Disability

Lowell is located along the Merrimack River, and it is made up of 10 different communities which together are considered the Lowell metropolitan area. The population of Lowell in 2010, according to the census, was about 106,000. That makes it the fourth-largest city of Massachusetts. Lowell is located in Middlesex County and together with Cambridge makes up the county seat for Middlesex. One thing that Lowell is well known for is being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in America. Because of this, there are many historical sites in Lowell that are preserved through the efforts of the National Parks Service. There are a number of famous people from Lowell, including politicians, astronauts, authors, and entertainers. Some of them are Jack Kerouac, Ed McMahon, Paul Tsongas and Bette Davis.

Do you find yourself living in Lowell and suffering from a disabling condition? If so, maybe you have considered applying for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are out of work due to a long-term disability, and long-term usually means 12 months or more, and you can show that this disability has kept you from holding down a job, you may be able to get Social Security Disability benefits.

Some people, however, have found that it is so difficult that they'd never even begin the process. Don't let this happen to you. What can you do? You can retain the services of a Lowell attorney who can help you through the SSD application process. The Social Security benefit program can be difficult to understand. A disability attorney can discuss your case with you and show you any weak parts of your case, and help you address them before you apply. You need an experienced attorney, when you appear before the judge, who can demonstrate that you do have a disability and that you should receive benefits.

A Lowell disability lawyer will have a good understanding of the laws, and can help you fill out your application. Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income usually began about six months after a person has suffered a disabling condition. For someone who has been disabled for at least six months by the time you get approved for benefits, he or she may be able to receive back pay from the SSA for time they have missed from work.

Applying for Lowell Social Security Disability Benefits

Do you understand the process of applying to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration? There are many forms to fill out and you must present medical evidence showing that you have a long-term disability which has prevented you from holding down employment. A good Lowell attorney with experience in disability cases can raise your chances of receiving disability benefits the first time you file your disability case.

You will need to demonstrate to the court's satisfaction that you are suffering from a long-term disability which has made it impossible for you to maintain employment. There is statistical evidence showing that people who use a disability attorney to help them with the application process have a higher probability of receiving their benefits.

If you live in Lowell, the Social Security office which would handle your disability case is located at 151 Warren Street, Suite 300, in Lowell.

Lowell Social Security Disability Resources

In addition, you'll need to visit a doctor or health clinic to complete the medical evidence necessary for your application. This can be a challenge, especially if you do not have health insurance. But thankfully, there are a number of free or low-cost health clinics in the Lowell area where they will be glad to see you and help with this process. Here is a partial list of low cost health clinics:

Lowell Community Health Center
135 Jackson Street
Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 441-1700

Community Health Center Lowell
17 Warren Street
Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 937-9700

Lowell Community Health Care Center
585 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA 01854
(978) 937-9700

Many of these clinics will see patients who are uninsured, underinsured and lower income individuals or families.

Your Lowell Social Security Disability Claim

Many times people have chosen to use the services of a Lowell Social Security attorney when applying for their disability benefits. Usually the attorneys do not charge a fee upfront for their service. They work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only get paid if you receive back pay from SSD benefits. The attorney receives 25%, up to a maximum of $6000. That means that you can benefit from the help of a disability attorney in Lowell to help you with your application without having to pay anything up front.

If you have already applied for disability benefits and been turned down, you may want to think about appealing your case. With the help of the disability attorney you may be able to successfully appeal and receive disability benefits. For some families, receiving a check from Social Security Disability is the only form of income that they have. An experienced Lowell Social Security Disability attorney will be able to help you apply for benefits successfully, or help you win your appeal if you've been turned down.