Las Vegas Social Security Disability Resources

Las Vegas is the city with the highest population in Nevada. It has a number of gambling, dining, and shopping facilities that are known internationally. It is called the Entertainment Capital of the World and is also known as a retirement city in the USA. Alternately, it is also called Sin City. As of the 2010 Census, the population in Las Vegas is around 583,000. Endless casino resorts and other establishments for adult entertainment make the city a popular spot for filming movies that feature casinos and other nightlife.

According to the December 2010 Census of the Social Security Administration (SSA), 55,858 individuals were receiving benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in Nevada. The Social Security Administration (SSA) gives those who have a total disability monthly cash benefits. To get the benefits, you must first qualify as a disabled individual, which means that you should have a total disability that rendered you unavailable for 12 or more months of regular work. Another requirement to quality is that the previous job you had must be covered by the Social Security System. You will know this when your payroll includes a Social Security tax.

Apply for Las Vegas Social Security Disability Benefits

Technically, it’s not easy to apply for Las Vegas Social Security Disability benefits. It can be hard work, and you may be one of the more than 60% of applications that are denied. To prevent this, you need to know how to avoid being having your application rejected. The most common reason why applications are denied is due to incomplete medical records or some missing paperwork. A Las Vegas Social Security Attorney can help you get these records and paperwork filed correctly and promptly. A lawyer who specializes in Las Vegas disability claims will represent you throughout your application. The Office of Inspector General for SSA recently released a report stating that hiring a disability attorney early on is your best bet to have your application approved.

If your application was denied, you still have 60 days after receiving the denial letter to file for an appeal. Filing either a Request for Reconsideration or a Disability Hearing will need the aid of a Las Vegas disability attorney as your official representative. According to statistics, 90% of the Reconsideration requests do not get another chance, but 60% of the applications who have reached the hearing stage are awarded disability benefits. Your best chance is to hire a Las Vegas Social Security lawyer before the initial application starts. It is a part of the district attorney’s job to inform you about the application process, make sure that the appropriate documents are filed, and ensure continued treatment. Preparations for your testimony before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) when you reach the hearing stage will also be done by the attorney.

You can file your Las Vegas Social Security disability benefits application through the local Social Security Office with the address below:

Las Vegas Social Security Disability
1250 South Buffalo Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada
(800) 772-1213

Las Vegas Social Security Disability Resources

Medical documentation is imperative for you to be awarded the disability benefits by the SSA. The medical documentation must include confirmation from a physician that you are unable to work for a minimum of one year. This can be hard if you cannot go to a doctor due to lack of money.

To help you with this, you can contact the clinics below that offer free/reduced cost in the Las Vegas area:

Clark County Health Dept. Adult Clinic
625 Shadow Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone #: (702) 383-1303

Martin Luther King Family Health Center
1700 Wheeler Peak
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone #: (702) 383-1900

Your Las Vegas Disability Claim

You will never get your disability claim application approved without the needed documents. Your application is more likely to be denied if you do not secure a Las Vegas Disability Attorney, who will be able to help evaluate your claim and file the necessary paperwork for you. In case your primary application was denied, the attorney will also help in the appeals process as your official representative.

You do not need any money to consult with a Las Vegas disability lawyer. They offer free initial consultation, and they only get paid after your application for disability benefits have been approved. For more information about how and where to hire a disability attorney and to get your case evaluated for free, you can click here.