Lansing Social Security Disability Resources

With a population just over 114,000 (464,000 metro area), Lansing is the fifth most populous city in Michigan. Lansing has been the state capital since 1847, when it was moved to Lansing Township from Detroit. Ironically, Lansing (which had a population of about 20 at the time) was originally chosen as a joke, resulting from frustration within the Michigan legislature regarding where they should be located.

Lansing’s economy is among the most diverse in Michigan. In addition to being the seat of government and a manufacturing center in its own right, the Lansing area is home to major universities, medical centers, medical research facilities, and is headquarters to several insurance companies. Lansing’s manufacturing sector first became prominent when Oldsmobile began manufacturing cars and car parts there in the early 1900s.

Major employers in the Lansing area include General Motors, Michigan Millers Insurance, Jackson National Life (Insurance), Auto-Owners Insurance, The Accident Fund, Neogen, Emergent BioSolutions, Liquid Web, IBM, and the area’s colleges and universities (notably Michigan State University, Cooley Law School, and Lansing Community College).

Owing in large part to the proximity of Michigan State University and to the high percentage of government jobs, over 20% of Lansing’s residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This number is slightly over the national average and considerably over the average in Michigan.

Disability rates are also fairly high, ranging to almost 21% for adults of working age. Of those who are disabled, only 52% are able to find meaningful employment. The high disability rates are in part due to the inherent dangers in the manufacturing industry.

If you live in Lansing and are no longer able to work due to a disability, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

In order to qualify for programs such as SSD benefits, you must first be able to show that you are completely disabled according to the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. This usually takes a minimum of three months, and can take well over a year in some cases.

The SSA defines “complete disability” as the total inability to perform any kind of work which is available anywhere in the United States to a person of your ability and educational level. In determining whether you are disabled and qualified for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA will take into account your previous work experience (whether you could still do any job you’ve done before), your education, and the what activities you are unable to do due to your disability.

There are a wide range of disabling conditions which may qualify you for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, and those who have several otherwise unqualified conditions may qualify as a result of the total effect of all of their disabilities. The main thing is to demonstrate that your disabling conditions hinder you from being able to regularly perform work related activities such as standing, sitting, pushing, pulling, walking, and concentrating on a task.

Apply for Lansing Social Security Disability Benefits

Unfortunately, most Lansing residents who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are initially denied. This is often confusing to workers who were previously granted disability benefits from their employers. What makes the difference is the way the SSA defines disability compared to the way various employers (and their insurance companies) define it.

If you are considering making a SSD claim, your first step should be to speak with a Lansing disability attorney. The consultation won’t cost you anything. In fact, Lansing Social Security Disability lawyers cannot charge you legal fees for Social Security Disability representation unless your claim is accepted. Even then, your lawyer’s legal fees will be covered from your back pay (the SSA pays them directly out of the back pay which is owed to you). Because of this, you don’t have to worry about paying your lawyer out of your monthly benefit checks.

The chances of a claim being approved double when a claimant has professional representation. If you are disabled, you may find the aid of a Lansing Social Security Lawyer helpful.

Anyone living in Lansing can apply for SSI (or SSDI) at their closest Social Security office in Michigan.

To pick up the paperwork needed to file for disability, or to inform the SSA of your intent to file, contact the Social Security Administration at:

5210 Perry Robinson
Lansing, MI 48911
(877) 512-5944

Lansing Social Security Disability Resources

It’s important to continue receiving any medical treatment you have been under while you are filing for SSD benefits. If you are financially unable to receive medical treatment, go to one of the free or reduced cost health centers listed below. Your medical records comprise a major part of your Social Security Disability claim. Incomplete medical records and failure to comply with prescribed treatments are among the most common reasons for SSD claims being denied.

St. Lawrence Community Health Center
1100 W. Saginaw St.
Lansing, MI 48915
(517) 364-7000

Sexton Health Center
102 McPherson Ave.
Lansing, MI 48915
(517) 755-1070

Otto Community Health Center of Ingham County
500 E. Thomas St.
Lansing, MI 48906
(517) 702-3555

Your Lansing Disability Claim

You’re allowed to file your disability claim on your own, but it’s not advisable in most cases. It’s much better to pay a percentage of your back pay (never more than 25%) than to have to wait a year or more to have your claim approved (or worse yet, to have it denied). If you are filing for disability benefits in Lansing, consider speaking with a Lansing Social Security attorney first.