Lancaster Social Security Disability Resources

Lancaster, California is a charter city located in the northern part of Los Angeles County. Lancaster is home to the High Desert and the Antelope Valley, two gorgeous and alluring physical landscapes. Besides Lancaster’s natural beauty, it is also home to the Aerospace Walk of Honor, celebrating the members of the air force. The Lancaster community has also implemented several revitalization projects involving the library and the performing arts center as well as designating specific downtown areas for businesses. Lancaster has a semi-arid climate with average an average high temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the summertime.

The Social Security Administration’s annual report indicates that approximately 900,000 residents in the State of California are receiving disability benefits from this government agency. If you are plagued by a disabling condition that prevents you from being able to continue full-time work activity, then a viable option for you would be to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The main criteria for these benefits are that your disability will continue to hinder your ability to work for at least one year and that the specifics of your condition meet the SSA’s published disabling guidelines.

A Lancaster disability applicant must also meet the mandatory work credit criteria in order to qualify for Social Security disability SSDI benefits. In the case that not enough work credits have been accumulated but your disability criteria is met, then an individual has the possibility of qualifying for SSI needs-based disability program sponsored by the Social Security Administration on the condition that household income and asset parameters are met.

On the occasion that you receive Social Security disability benefits in Lancaster, these benefits will be distributed following a six month waiting period. The six-month wait time starts the same time your disability does. Benefits may be readily available only to those individuals who have been coping with their disabilities for six months or longer at the time of their application approval.

Apply for Lancaster Security Disability Benefits

If your inability to work due to a disabling condition is causing immediate negative repercussions on your quality of life, then applying for Social Security disability benefits in the Lancaster area is a viable option. In order to be successful in the Social Security Disability application process, it is highly recommended to meet with a Social Security Disability attorney. He or she will be able to aid you in preparing all important files and researching your medical history, which is important since medical records must be included in the application for benefits. If one does not seek the advice of a Lancaster Social Security disability attorney, then he or she is two-thirds more likely to have their case denied by the Social Security Administration.

In the instance that your case is denied by the Social Security Administration, the next logical step is the appeal process which is divided into two parts: the Request for Reconsideration and a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Despite the relatively short wait time for the reconsideration request (three to six months), nearly 80 percent of these requests get rejected. After the Request for Reconsideration, and individual must attend a disability hearing with a judge, which still can take up to two years to occur. Statistics have proven that seeking professional legal help in these disability cases will increase the chance of approval for disability benefits for the citizens of Lancaster. Representation by a Lancaster Social Security disability lawyer is key to an applicant’s success, especially during the hearing stage of the appeal process.

The address of the Social Security office designated to schedule hearings of disability applicants is 44451 20th Street.

Lancaster Social Security Disability Resources

Getting approved for your disability benefits is contingent upon presenting the correct medical documents with your disability application. If you are having difficulty with accessing medical resources, or you cannot afford insurance, several low-cost clinics can be quite helpful. The following list consists of low-cost clinics that serve the people living in the Lancaster area:

Antelope Valley Community Clinic
45074 N. 10th Street West, Suite 109
Lancaster, CA 93534

Antelope Valley Partners for Health
1122 W. Avenue L 12
Lancaster, CA 93534

High Desert Medical Group
43779 N. 15th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534

Your Lancaster Disability Claim

If it is a priority for you to obtain disability benefits, then it is in your best interest to contact a Lancaster Social Security disability attorney. Your attorney’s guidance will have a positive impact on your case. First, it will raise your chances of receiving benefits during the initial stage of the application process and second, your attorney’s help during a potential disability appeal process would be vital to the successful outcome of that appeal.

Your Social Security disability attorney will most importantly study your case and see if it has a legitimate chance of getting approved. Next he or she will help you fill out the relevant paperwork and retrieve important medical information on your behalf. If the initial outcome of the application process is unsuccessful, your Lancaster disability attorney will continue to represent you throughout the disability appeal process.