Knoxville Social Security Disability

Knoxville is the county seat of Knox County in the State of Tennessee. The city is also home to the University of Tennessee. While Knoxville has suffered some economic hardships, several projects were initiated to revitalize the downtown area. Knoxville is now home to a number of attractions including a regional history museum, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and a new and improved Market Square.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA) data, the state of Tennessee currently has approximately 161,000 individuals who are qualified and receiving Social Security Disability benefits. If you live in the state of Tennessee and you suffer from a disabling physical or mental condition that prevents you from being able to support yourself through work, then you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. In order to qualify, the condition that you are suffering from must be listed in the SSA’s “Blue Book.” The Blue Book is an SSA document that provides a list of qualifying diseases and disorders. The condition you are experiencing must be present for at least a 12 month period in order for you to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

It is important to note that even if your condition is not listed in the Blue Book, you may still be able to qualify. However, proving your case will be significantly harder. You will need to prove that you are completely unable to work as a result of your condition.

If you are declared qualified for benefits, you will start receiving your Social Security Disability payments after the six-month waiting period. The initial waiting period is counted from the day your disability started. You will continue to receive benefits monthly unless you are able to return to work. If your condition prevents you from ever being able to return to work, than you will receive your benefits until you reach retirement age. At that time, you will start receiving Social Security retirement benefits.

Apply for Knoxville Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Knoxville area, you should contact a qualified Knoxville Social Security Disability attorney before filing your disability claim to discuss your disability case. The application for Social Security Disability can be confusing and overwhelming. Many applicants do not properly complete their application paperwork, usually failing to provide enough medical evidence with the initial disability claim in order to prove their case. As a result, between 60 to 70 percent of the disability claims that are received by the Social Security Administration are denied each year. If you consult with a Knoxville Social Security Disability lawyer before filing your claim, you can be sure that the forms will be completed and submitted without mistakes and that proper medical evidence is included with your claim.

Although it is recommended that you retain the services of a Knoxville Social Security Disability attorney before filing your disability claim, many people wait until after they have been denied benefits before consulting with an attorney. It is important to understand that this results in benefit payments being significantly delayed. If your initial claim for disability benefits is denied by the Social Security Administration, it is likely that you will need to attend a disability hearing in order to obtain the benefits you are entitled to. If you did not choose to have legal representation during the initial claim stage, it is crucial that you do so during the disability appeal process.

When you retain the services of a Knoxville Social Security lawyer, that lawyer will be able to represent your case through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process. He or she will ensure that your appeals are all filed properly and in a timely manner and that you have proper medical evidence in order to support your claim. Your attorney will also be able to prepare you for your disability hearing, which will be held before an administrative law judge. The good news is that nearly 60 percent of hearings are decided in favor of the applicant. Without legal representation at this hearing, however, your chances of an approval significantly decline.

For Knoxville residents who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits, the office that is in charge of handling your claim is located at 710 Locust Street in suite 223.

Knoxville Social Security Disability Resources

It is important that you provide the SSA with updated and current medical evidence when filing your disability claim. If you are out of work and have no access to medical insurance, getting the medical evidence you need can prove to be a problem. In many cases, low-cost medical clinics can help. Below are some low-cost clinics that can help you in your efforts to obtain the medical evidence that you will need:

Agape Outreach
5403 Jacksboro Pike
Knoxville TN 37918

Cherokee Health Systems - Center City
2018 Western Ave
Knoxville TN 37921

Free Medical Clinic Of America
6209 Chapman Highway
Knoxville TN 37920

Interfaith Health Clinic
315 Gill Ave.
Knoxville TN 37917

Knox County Health Department - Main Clinic
140 Dameron Ave.
Knoxville TN 37917

West Knox Health Center
10263 Kingston Pike
Knoxville TN 37922

Your Knoxville Disability Claim

It is important to understand that in order to have the best possible chance of getting an approval of your Social Security Disability claim; you need to consult with a knowledgeable Knoxville Social Security attorney. You and your attorney can discuss whether or not your claim is worth pursuing and if you do have a valid case, he or she will help you prepare your application paperwork and file it on your behalf. If your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied by the Social Security Administration, your Knoxville disability lawyer will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process increasing your chances of obtaining the disability benefits you need.