Huntington Beach Social Security Disability

Trademarked as “Surf City USA,” Huntington Beach, California is the place to be, according to 190,000 people. Its population gives it the rank of the largest beach city in Southern California’s Orange County. Located in a mild climate, Huntington Beach boasts an 8.5 mile long Pacific Ocean beach front which features unique wave formations caused by Catalina Island and Pacific Ocean hurricanes. This makes it a prime destination for surfing. In addition to tourism, oil production is a significant source of income to Huntington Beach, although the in-land and off shore oil reserves are nearing depletion.

Of the 121,000 working class residents of Huntington Beach, 16,000 have reported a disability and 40% of these people remain unemployed. Even in a beautiful city like Huntington Beach, struggling with a disabling condition can be overwhelming if individuals have limited resources and are no longer able to earn a living . The Social Security Administration oversees two disability programs for those who qualify.

The SSDI program is designed for individuals who have contributed payroll taxes to the Social Security Trust Fund, and meet the minimum number of work credits for previous years, based on how much money they made each year. If you do not qualify for SSDI, you may alternately qualify for SSI, which does require work credits, and is designed for children and adolescents with disabilities as well as mentally and physically disabled adults who don’t qualify for SSDI.

When you apply for Huntington Beach disability benefits, you must provide medical proof of your disability which is then evaluated against the SSA’s Blue Book of disabling conditions. Your medical records and other documentation must conclusively prove that you are unable to perform former work tasks or any other work you could earn a living from. If you are granted Social Security Disability benefits, you will begin receiving payments after a six month waiting period. If you are denied benefits, you are allowed to appeal the decision two more times, up to the appeals court level.

Apply for Huntington Beach Social Security Disability

Simply applying for Hunting Beach Social Security Disability is no guarantee that you will be granted disability benefits. In fact, more than half of all initial cases are denied due to lack of sufficient proof for disability and various other reasons. To increase your chances of a favorable determination at any level of the process, the services of a Huntington Beach Social Security Disability lawyer are highly recommended. If your case is rejected and you request a redetermination, most people do not know that you must present some new evidence or missing documentation to support your case, and not simply re-submit the same paperwork. This is why most redetermination requests are not granted. A Huntington Beach Social Security Disability attorney will help you see the holes in your medical evidence and direct you in getting the necessary exams and documentation to improve your case. If you decide to appeal your disability case, you may wait several months to receive a hearing. At this level it is vital that you have a Huntington Beach Social Security Disability lawyer who knows the system and will able to represent you successfully. The good news is that the majority of disability cases, as long as they are well-represented, are finally granted benefits once they are heard in court.

To start the disability application process or obtain forms, contact the Social Security Disability office which services the six Huntington Beach zip codes at the address below:

Huntington Beach Social Security Disability
Suite B
17075 Newhope St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Huntington Beach Social Security Disability Resources
Since medical evidence of your disability is so crucial to receiving approval for benefits, make sure all of your exams are current and not contradictory. If you need additional exams or medical consultation for your condition, contact one of these clinics which offer reduced-rate services for those who aren’t ensured.

Community Care Health Centers
Huntington Beach Cmnty Clinic
8041 Newman Ave
Huntington Be, CA 92647-7034

In Hoag Health Center
5355 Warner Ave Ste 100
Huntington Be, CA 92649-6030

Vita Hlth Care of Hntngton Bch
Gambro Health Care
16892 Bolsa Chica St
Huntington Be, CA 92649-3591

Center Medical Clinic Inc
17188 Edgewater Ln
Huntington Bch, CA 92649-4210

Your Huntington Beach Disability Claim

If you have recently become disabled and are no longer able to earn a living, filing for Huntington Beach Social Security Disability may be a necessary. If you have never filed for disability or are unsure of the process, a Huntington Beach Social Security Disability attorney is your best resource for ensuring you aren’t missing anything that will mean the difference between being rejected or accepted for the disability benefits you need. Even if you think you can handle it on your own, the statistics suggest you will save yourself precious time by utilizing the invaluable guidance of a Huntington Beach Social Security Disability lawyer.