Hialeah Social Security Disability

The City of Hialeah is the fifth-largest city in the State of Florida. The city is located in Miami-Date County and is a significant commercial center for the area. Many national retailers can be found in Hialeah such as Starbucks, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Kohl’s and The Home Depot. Hialeah is also home to Westland Mall and provides residents and visitors with an array of shopping venues and fine dining options.

The Social Security Administration has reported that more than 375,000 residents in the State of Florida currently receive Social Security Disability benefits. If you want to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Hialeah you must suffer from a disability that is preventing you from performing work activity and that condition must be expected to last for a period of at least one year.

In addition to meeting the SSA’s criteria in terms of a disabling condition, a Hialeah disability applicant must also have earned enough work credits to qualify for SSDI disability benefits. If enough work credits have not been earned but the disabling criteria have been met, an applicant may be able to qualify for SSI disability payments if certain income and asset restrictions are met.

If you are awarded disability benefits, your benefits will begin once you have met the six-month wait requirement. This six-month period starts the day that your disability begins. If you have been disabled for six months or more at the time of your approval, you will begin receiving disability benefits right away.

Apply for Hialeah Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are considering an application for Social Security Disability benefits in the Hialeah area you should consult with a Hialeah Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your disability claim. In order to be approved for disability benefits you must complete all of your paperwork properly and you must provide the SSA with sufficient medical evidence to support your claim. This can be hard to accomplish without the assistance of an experienced Hialeah Social Security Disability lawyer. Because many disability applicants choose not to use the services of a lawyer during the initial stage of the application process, nearly two-thirds of initial disability applications are denied by the SSA.

If your Social Security Disability claim is denied, you will need to pursue a disability appeal. These appeals normally consist of a Request for Reconsideration and a disability hearing before an administrative law judge. While the reconsideration request only takes three to six months to complete, nearly 80 percent of these requests are denied by the SSA. These applicants must then go on to the hearing stage of the disability appeal process. Unfortunately, it can take up to two years for a hearing to be scheduled for a disability applicant. If you do need to attend a disability hearing, statistics have shown that you are much more likely to be awarded benefits as a result of this hearing if you are represented by a Hialeah Social Security attorney.

The Social Security office that is in charge of scheduling disability hearings for Hialeah disability applicants is located at 6101 Blue Lagoon Drive in suite 300 in the city of Miami.

When you submit your disability application to this office it is crucial to the outcome of your claim that you include current medical records. If you do not have insurance and have had a hard time accessing the medical services you need, there are low-cost clinics that can help. Below are some low-cost clinics that serve residents of the Hialeah area:

Citrus Health Network - Behavioral Health Center
4175 W. 20th Ave.
Hialeah FL 33012

Citrus Health Network -Family Health Center
4175 West 20th Ave.
Hialeah FL 33012

Martin Luther King Jr. - Clinica Campesina
810 W Mowry Dr.
Homestead FL 33030

Open Door Health Center
1350 SW 4 St.
Homestead FL 33030

Your Hialeah Disability Claim

If you want to increase your chances of receiving an approval of your disability benefits during the initial stage of the application process, thereby avoiding the need for a long and drawn-out disability appeal, you need to consult with a Hialeah disability attorney prior to filing your Social Security Disability claim. You can discuss your case with your attorney and he or she can explain whether or not it is likely that you will be approved for Social Security Disability. If your attorney believes that you have a valid case, he or she will help you prepare your disability claim paperwork and gather the necessary medical evidence. If, for some reason, you are not approved for benefits during the initial stage of the application process, your Hialeah disability lawyer will be able to represent you through each stage of the Social Security Disability appeal process.