Hartford Social Security Disability

In the 2010 U.S. census, Hartford, Connecticut had a population of 124,775, though the Hartford-Springfield Metropolitan area reported nearly 1.9 million. The city is the seat of Hartford County and Hartford-Springfield metro area is home to more than 30 colleges and universities making the education sector the largest influence in the region’s economy. Hartford is also a major center in the insurance industry.

Hartford is among the communities served by the Region 1 district office of the Social Security Administration (SSA), located in Boston, MA. The Boston office distributes Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to nearly 95,900 individuals and is responsible for processing almost 7,700 new claims annually from Connecticut.

SSDI is issued to those who are unable to work for twelve or more consecutive months due to total or complete disability. To qualify for SSDI, you must meet the SSA’s medical requirements. You must also have enough work credits over the course of your employment, especially the last ten years prior to your SSD claim. If you do not meet work credit requirements but do satisfy health requirements, you may still be eligible to receive SSI.

Apply for Hartford Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Hartford Social Security Disability benefits is a complicated, lengthy and confusing process. As such, it is best undertaken with legal help and a Hartford disability lawyer can be quite beneficial in your efforts. He or she can walk you through the entire process and increasing your chances of receiving benefits.

The SSA finds only about 29 percent of initial applications for SSD eligible for benefits in the state of Connecticut. Those not found eligible during the initial review must go through a reconsideration review, though only about 10 percent see favorable results at this stage. All others must file an appeal if they wish to continue pursuing SSD benefits, and the approval average for appeals in the Hartford area is about 54 percent.

The majority of Hartford Social Security Disability claims which are denied are lacking in sufficient medical documentation. The SSA requires particular tests and types of treatment based on the nature of your disability and an experienced Hartford disability attorney can assist in getting the proper medical care to satisfy SSA guidelines and stipulations.

Additionally, having legal assistance early in the application process may help prevent the need for additional reviews or appeals. Even if you are initially denied, a Hartford Social Security attorney can help improve your chances receiving benefits in the long run.

Below is the primary local Social Security office that accepts initial applications for Hartford Social Security Disability:

Hartford Social Security Disability Office
960 Main St, 2nd Floor,
Hartford, CT 06103

Hartford Social Security Disability Resources

To be eligible for Hartford Social Security disability benefits you must show you’ve received ongoing and appropriate medical care for your disability condition(s), but paying for healthcare with limited financial resources can be very difficult. Here are some of the Hartford disability resources for free and low cost medical services, including clinics in East Hartford.

Charter Oak Health Center
21 Grand St,
Hartford, CT 06106-1541

Charter Oak Health Center
39 Grand St,
Hartford, CT 06106-4607

Charter Oak Health Center
282 Washington St,
Hartford, CT 06106-3322

Community Health Services
500 Albany Ave,
Hartford, CT 06120-2508

Charter Oak Health Center
401 New Britain Ave,
Hartford, CT 06106-3833

East Hartford Community HealthCare
94 Connecticut Blvd,
East Hartford, CT 06108-3013

Your Hartford Disability Claim

All successful claims for Hartford disability benefits contain the right medical documentation. Before submitting your initial claim, consider having it reviewed by a Hartford Social Security attorney. Doing so makes it more likely you’ll see a favorable outcome.

A Hartford disability lawyer will review all of the documentation in your application and make sure it meets SSA guidelines. If your case ends up in the appeals process, your Hartford Social Security lawyer can help prepare your testimony and can argue your case before the administrative law judge at the appeals hearing as well.

Disability attorneys charge no fees upfront for their services and only get paid if you’re approved for benefits.