Hampton Social Security Disability

This historic U.S. city traces its origins as far back as the year 1610. A population of approximately 137,000 people inhabits the city of Hampton. This city appeals to residents and tourists alike. With a large industrial and business base as well as residential complexes, Hampton is a pleasurable city with its own charms. The city covers an area of roughly 35 square kilometers. It is blessed with a favorable mild climate that allows people to enjoy outdoor activities all year around. The city’s topography is characterized by bridges across the numerous rivers and steams that run through the area. It also has the advantage of being away from the path of regular storms and hurricanes, except for one or two, which have hit in the past. From picturesque harbors to museums, from theaters to parks, Hampton has it all.

Residents of Hampton who have been disabled and are unable to earn a living as a result of that disability normally assume that Social Security Disability benefits will be there for them. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to obtain these benefits as one might first think. In order to be eligible to claim Social Security Disability benefits in Hampton, the applicant must prove that his or her disability has lasted (or will last) for more than twelve months and that it completely prevents any type of gainful work activity.

Approximately 30,000 people in the area of Hampton receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. If an applicant wishes to be amongst those who are receiving these benefits, he or she must first file a Social Security Disability application. The adjudicator who reviews your application will compare your condition to the list of qualifying disabilities that is published in the SSA’s Blue Book. If your condition does match the criteria that have been published in this Blue Book, it will likely be easier for you to obtain Social Security Disability benefits than if it does not.

In addition to proving that you are indeed disabled according to SSA standards, you must have earned enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits or must meet the income and asset restrictions in order to qualify for SSI benefits.

Once you have been proven eligible for Social Security Disability benefits and your application has been approved, your benefits will begin after a six-month waiting period (which is counted from the day that your disability began). If you have already been disabled for a period of six months or more when you are approved for benefits, then payments will normally begin immediately.

The office that is in charge of processing the claims for Hampton Social Security Disability benefits is located at 11706 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, VA.

Hampton Social Security Disability Resources

When you file a claim with this office it is crucial that your claim forms be filled out properly and that you provide the office with current and comprehensive medical evidence. If you have had a hard time receiving medical treatment due to a lack of income or insurance, the following low-cost medical clinics may be able to help:

H.E.L.P. Free Clinic
317 Rip Rap Road
Hampton VA 23669

Hampton University Mobile Van
Hampton University School of Nursing
Hampton VA 23668

Your Hampton Social Security Disability Case

Hiring a qualified and trained Hampton Social Security attorney will help your chances of obtaining a favorable decision from the Social Security Administration. Your Hampton Social Security lawyer will know how to file your claim in a complete and error-free manner. He or she will also help in preparing all the relevant medical evidence that will be required to prove your case. Both of these factors will increase the chance of your application being approved during the initial stage of the application process.

Many applicants find the process of filling out and filing the disability claim forms to be overwhelming, and with good reason. There are numerous details to be filled out and they must be filled out correctly. The endless documentation often makes it impossible for some to complete the application process without error. Unfortunately, this often results in a denial of benefits.

A Hampton Social Security Disability attorney will help you fill out the disability paperwork will help you gather the necessary medical evidence. Initiating the disability claim process with a Hampton Social Security lawyer at the onset of your claim is much better than asking for help after your claim has been denied. If your claim is denied, a hearing can take more than two years to complete. The services of a Hampton Social Security lawyer can reduce the chance that you will need such a hearing.

If you do need to file a disability appeal, a Hampton disability attorney can represent you through each stage of the appeal process, increasing your chances of overturning the SSA’s decision to deny your disability benefits.