Grand Prairie Social Security Disability

Grand Prairie, Texas, is a city of 175,000 and a suburb of not one but two major Texas cities – Dallas and Fort Worth. As a large city in a border state, Grand Prairie’s highest ethnicity is Hispanic, at 42% of the population. It is the home of several major military-related manufacturers, including Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Poly-America, Bell Helicopter-Textron, and Vought Aircraft Industries. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also operates a large office complex in Grand Prairie. By far the the most notable tourist attraction to this city is its Lone Star Park, a high-stakes horse racing facility which hosts a Memorial Day event known as the Thoroughbred Meeting.

Of the 175,000 residents of Grand Prairie, nearly 18,000 have reported disabilities, and 40% of these are unemployed. Citizens with disabilities have a significantly harder time maintaining employment, and are therefore more likely to fall below-median income into poverty. Without the help of Social Security Disability benefits through the SSA, some citizens of Grand Prairie would have no way of meeting the basic necessities of life.

If you are suffering from a long-term disability, you can apply for Grand Prairie disability benefits. To qualify, you must provide medical documentation of a diagnosis with one of the conditions listed in the SSA’s Blue Book which is expected to last at least a year, if not longer. If your condition is not listed, the SSA will use available medical evidence to determine if your condition is disabling. In addition to specific medical qualifications, you must have the minimum number of work credits from previous work experience and be unemployed or underemployed. Your application may take several months to process, and if you are approved for benefits, you will have to wait an additional 6 months before you can start receiving benefits.

If you denied benefits after your initial application, you may file a reconsideration within 60 days. If your reconsideration request is denied (as are more than 85%), you have another 60 days to request a hearing. At this level, about 60% of all disability applications are finally approved for benefits. However, if you are still denied benefits, you are allowed to submit another request to the Appeals Council , and then the Federal District Court.

Apply for Grand Prairie Social Security Disability

The disability application process can be long and grueling. Only about 30% of initial cases are approved for benefits, a statistic that seems discouraging. The higher up you appeal a denial of disability benefits, the longer the wait, and the longer your health and basic needs suffer. The determining factor in being approved for Grand Prairie Social Security disability is providing sufficient proof that your injury or illness is severe enough to keep you from working, either at your previous job or any others. Employing the assistance of a Grand Prairie Social Security Disability attorney can make the difference in the strength of your cases and your likelihood of being approved for benefits. A Grand Prairie Social Security Disability lawyer specializes in being familiar with the requirements and preferences of the SSA and will be able to tell if your documentation is sufficient to gain approval for benefits. If not, they will help direct you to the resources you need, such as additional examinations, in order to improve any weak points in your application.

For more specific information, resources, and forms, contact the Social Security Disability office which services the Grand Prairie area at the following address:

Grand Prairie Social Security
2010 N. State Highway 360
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Grand Prairie Social Security Disability Resources

Getting adequate medical exams and statements from medical professionals is imperative to a solid disability case. If your records are missing important information which affects the perceived severity of your condition, you will be unlikely to receive Grand Prairie disability benefits. Even if you are uninsured by an employer because of your condition, you can still receive quality medical testing at the following institutions which offer either low-cost or free medical care.

Grand Prairie Wellness Center
1710 Small Street
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050
(972) 266- 9123

Grand Prairie Community Health Center
405 Stadium Drive
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

Southwestern Medical Clinic
400 St. Zang Blvd. 520
Dallas, Texas 75208

Mission Arlington Medical Clinic
210 W. South Street
Arlington, Texas 76010

Los Barridos Unidos Community Clinic
3111 Sylvan Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75212

Your Grand Prairie Disability Claim

If you are in need of Grand Prairie Social Security Disability, you should file as soon as possible to start the process, since it may take several months or even years to be approved and start receiving benefits. Your wait time and chances of being part of the 30% who are approved for disability benefits after only the first step are greatly increased when you contact a Grand Prairie Social Security Disability attorney to guide you through the entire process.