Garden Grove Social Security Disability

Garden Grove, California, a booming city of 170,000 is perhaps best known for its Crystal Cathedral, a large glass structure from which Robert H. Schuller broadcasts the Hour of Power, a weekly service which has been televised from the cathedral since 1970. Garden Grove is a major producer of fruit such as oranges and strawberries, which do well in the warm, mild climate. The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival held annually in May is one of the United States’ largest festivals, drawing over 250,000 people into the city. The city’s Harbor Boulevard is a center for tourism and entertainment, featuring numerous high-rise hotels. Garden Grove also has a high population of Asian immigrants, as many other cities in California.

Of Garden Grove’s 170,000 residents, over 26,000 have reported disabilities. Because of the difficulty of sustaining a job while physically or mentally disabled, 55.6% of these are unemployed. If you are a Garden Grove resident who is suffering from a disability and are unable to work, you know that getting assistance to provide for the necessities of life is vital to staying above the poverty line. Thankfully, this assistance is available through the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Disability, or SSDI program.

The ,a href="…">SSDI program provides a monthly income for US citizens who are suffering a disabling condition which is expected to last at least one year. You must qualify by falling within the maximum income levels, have earned enough work credits from previous years of employment, and also provide conclusive proof that your condition is completely disabling. The SSA uses a reference known as the Blue Book to evaluate your condition based on standardized assessments of what constitutes a disability within that condition.

If you receive a positive determination for Garden Grove Social Security Disability, you will start receiving benefits after 6 months. If you aren’t approved, you can appeal the decision through two more levels, which may take several more months to complete.

Apply for Garden Grove Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Garden Grove disability benefits may only take a few days or weeks, but receiving a positive determination may take much longer. The SSA has stringent requirements and only approves about 30% of first-time applications. The first step of the appeals process is even less likely to yield a favorable outcome. With these statistics, it is easy to become discouraged, even if you are legitimately disabled and should qualify. Hiring a Garden Grove Social Security disability attorney from the start will greatly improve your chances of receiving a favorable determination the first time, or in the appeals process. A Garden Grove Social Security Disability lawyer will help you improve any weaknesses in your application and maneuver the SSA’s system effortlessly to ensure the best possible decision. Start the Garden Grove Social Security Disability process as soon as possible, since every minute counts when you are disabled and unemployed.

Contact your Garden Grove Social Security Disability office at the below address to start the application process or pick up forms.

Garden Grove Social Security Disability
1900 Gilber St.
Garden Grove, California 92841

Garden Grove Social Security Disability Resources

When you apply for Garden Grove disability benefits, you will greatly benefit from the assistance of a Garden Grove Social Security Disability attorney, but the information needed for your SSDI application, such as making sure you have accurate and up to date medical documentation, is still your responsibility. The medical information which supports your Garden Grove Social Security Disability case could literally make or break your chances of being awarded benefits. It is important to become familiar with the SSA’s requirements for your disability to qualify for benefits by using the Blue Book. Since it is common for applicants to discover they need additional exams or tests performed while compiling a disability case, here is a list of low-cost clinics in Garden Grove.

Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Health Care Clinic
7761 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove CA 92843

Community Care Health Centers Clinic For Women
1227 West 17th Street 101
Santa Ana CA 92706

Community Clinic Of Orange County
2000 W. Walnut St.
Santa Ana CA 92703

UC Irvine Family Health Center
300 W. Carl Karcher Way
Anaheim CA 92801

Community Health Care Center
8041 Newman Ave
Huntington Beach CA 92647

Your Garden Grove Disability Claim

The success of your Garden Grove Social Security Disability claim is dependent on meeting the qualifications and following the SSA’s guidelines for submitting your claim. However, with the continuing increase in disability applications, it is advisable to use every possible resource to improve your claim’s chances. An experienced Garden Grove Social Security Disability lawyer will help present your disability case in the best possible light so that your chances of falling among the 30% of initially approved claims is as definite as it can be.