Eugene Social Security Disability

Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon and acts as the county seat for Lane County. Nicknamed “The Emerald City,” Eugene is famous for its striking natural features, including Spencer Butte, Mount Pigsah, and the Wilmette and Mckenzie rivers. Eugene is also known for the wood and recreational vehicle industries which serve a diverse population of political activists and non-profit organizations as well as being home to the University of Oregon. Eugene’s climate is characterized by its mild summers and winters and light rainfall.

According to the Social Security Administration’s statistics, about 66,000 citizens in the State of Oregon receive disability payments from the SSA. If you find yourself in need of monetary compensation due to disability, then applying for Social Security Disability payments could be a proper solution. The central requirement you must meet in order to receive payments is that your disability must stop your work progress for a minimum twelve months.

SSA requirements for disability payments state that you must also have completed enough work credits before time of application. If you do not meet that secondary requirement, another option is available to you, SSA’s B needs-based B, with the understanding that certain household income and asset limitations will ultimately qualify you.

If you gain approval for benefits from the SSA in Eugene, your benefits will be sent to you following a six month wait period. The six-month wait period starts on the day your disability does. Those who have been suffering from a disability a period of six months or more will be able to receive disability benefits immediately.

Apply for Eugene Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is one way to finance your living if you suffer from a disability that prevents you from working for a considerable amount of time. Even before you start the application process, you should highly consider seeking the help of a Eugene Social Security Disability lawyer. He or she is trained to work diligently for a client’s success. Upon your meeting with your lawyer, he or she will determine if your disability claim has a real chance of getting approval from the SSA. After determining your case’s potential, your SSDI lawyer will advise you on filling out detailed forms as well as compiling a sufficient medical file. The disability application process is long and difficult, and those who have continued on in the process without some legal advising have been unsuccessful. This accounts for about two-thirds of all applicants who applied without a SSDI lawyer at his or her side.

If your first attempt at receiving SSDI benefits is unsuccessful, you must go through an appeal. You will have to file a Request for Reconsideration. This request takes between three to six months to process, but the majority of applicants get denied at this stage, at nearly 80 percent. You would then have to set up a hearing with an administrative law judge. That process is very slow, taking up to two years for a hearing to even be scheduled. This is why getting the help of a Eugene Social Security disability attorney would be very advantageous to your claim, as it will raise the likelihood of getting approved for benefits.

Your local Eugene Social Security office that handles all scheduling of disability hearing is located at 2504 Oakmont Way.

Eugene Social Security Disability Resources

You must note that a record of your medical history is the most important component of your disability benefits application. If you have trouble with paying for medical services or do not have insurance, then seeking out low-cost clinics would be helpful. Here is a list of affordable clinics that serve the citizens of Eugene:

Cascade Health Solutions
2650 Suzanne Way 200
Eugene, OR 97408

Charnelton Community Clinic
151 W. 7th Avenue #100
Eugene, OR 97401

Churchill Health Center
1850 Bailey Hill Rd.
Eugene, OR 97405

Community Health Clinic of Lane County
125 E. 8th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

LCBH Primary Care
2411 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97403

Safe and Sound Homeless Youth Clinic
941 W. 7th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic-Eugene
3321 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402

White Bird Medical Clinic
1400 Mill St.
Eugene, OR 97401

Your Eugene Disability Claim

Contacting a Eugene disability lawyer is your best decision when going through the application process, a potential appeal and possibly a hearing before an administrative law judge. Your Eugene SSDI lawyer will decide whether or not your claim for disability is credible. If he or she finds that you do possess a credible claim, you will continue in the application process by completing all required documents, consisting of an official account of your medical history. If you do not get approved after the first step of the application process, your Eugene Social Security disability lawyer will help you through the next steps in disability appeal.