Erie Social Security Disability

Erie, PA is the fourth largest city in the state. More than a quarter million people reside in the Erie Metropolitan area, with 102,000 living in the city of Erie itself. Erie has historically been a manufacturing town and while manufacturing is still prominently featured in the local economy, the number of people working in the healthcare, education and tourism sectors is steadily growing.

For Erie residents and workers who have experienced an injury that has essentially removed them from the workforce, social security disability benefits may be a viable income option. The Social Security Administration (SSA) awards benefits to eligible workers who can prove they have sustained mental and physical injuries which prevent them from working for at least one full year. The SSA conducts both a medical and non-medical review to determine if workers meet existing requirements for social security disability in Erie. If you are applying for social security disability, the SSA will review your work history for the last ten years to ensure you have earned enough work credits to participate in the program. As well, the state of Pennsylvania will conduct a thorough review of your medical file to make sure that your injury qualifies as a disability under the Social Security Act. If you are in the process of applying for social security disability in Erie, you can contact your local SSA field office to find out if you have earned enough work credits to qualify for benefits.

Apply for Erie Social Security Disability Benefits

Winning an Erie social security disability case is not easy. The application and review process for receiving Erie disability benefits is rather involved and can be quite lengthy. In the state of Pennsylvania, roughly 70% of initial social security disability claims are denied with only 20% of appeals being awarded. If you are planning to file an SSD claim, you would be well-advised to hire an Erie social security disability attorney who can review your case file and make sure you have completed your application correctly and submitted the documentation you need to win your Erie SSDI/SSI case. Your disability attorney will work with the SSA on your behalf. In a recent report issued by the Office of Inspector General for the SSA, it was discovered that hiring a disability attorney early in the application process significantly improves your chances of receiving disability benefits.

You can hire an Erie disability attorney at any point during the application and review process. Initial claims that have been denied can be appealed within 60 days of receiving your denial letter. Filing an appeal will extend the review process on your social security disability case by months and even up to a year. So it is necessary to work with an Erie disability lawyer who can expedite your case and improve your chances of successfully winning your claim.
Listed below are the local Social Security Offices where an Erie Social Security applicant can file a claim for disability benefits:

Erie Social Security Disability
717 State St, Suite 500
Erie, PA 16501

Erie Social Security Disability Resources

In order to win your Erie social security disability case, you have to be able to prove you have suffered a disability that renders you disabled for at least one full year. As soon as you are injured, you should seek medical attention from a licensed medical provider or mental health professional. If you are uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford to go to a doctor, there are health resources in the Erie area that may be of assistance to you.

Listed below are free/reduced-cost health clinics located in the Erie Area:

St. Paul’s Neighborhood Free Clinic
1608 Walnut Street
Erie, PA 16502

Erie County Department of Health
606 West Second Street
Erie, PA 16507

Stairways Dental Office
2922 State St.
Erie, PA 16508

Multi-Cultural Health Evaluation Delivery System
2928 Peach St.
Erie, PA - 16508

Community Health Net – High Point
2314 Sassafras St.
Erie, PA - 16502

Your Erie Disability Claim

Even at the hearing level, less than half of all social security disability claims heard in a Pennsylvania hearing office are awarded. If you are missing information or otherwise do not have enough evidence to support your disability claim, you will likely not be approved for benefits. Before you even submit that initial claim, make sure you contact an Erie disability attorney. Your attorney will review your claim, guide you in the best course of action for your particular case and file the application and submit documentation on your behalf. As well, if your initial claim is denied, your Erie SSD attorney will represent you throughout the appeals process.
The initial consultation with a disability lawyer is free and you will only have to pay if your attorney wins the case for you.