Detroit Social Security Disability Resources

Detroit City’s famed metonyms, Motor City and Motown, have a history that fuels the reputation as the heart American automobile industry and source of the popular music genre. Within Metro Detroit, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a population of 4,296,250, making it the eleventh-largest city in the United States.

The Social Security Act governs the Social Security Administration (SSA) determining eligibility for disability payments. The SSA reported approximately 7 million Americans currently approved receiving benefits were employed, but could no longer support themselves because of a disabling condition or illness. In Michigan alone, approximately 240,000 disabled workers are already getting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplement Security Income (SSI). SSDI is paid to workers who have paid into the Social Security trust fund, and can no work due to their disability. Supplemental Security Income is also granted to disabled individuals; however, SSI beneficiaries have typically have limited income and assets.

Apply for Detroit Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Detroit Social Security Disability benefits requires a healthy knowledge of determination factors by the SSA, as well as sufficient documentation of the disability by Certified Medical Professional. The denial rate, varying within each state, is approximately 60% in the Detroit Metro area. The source of the denial by the SSA could be a significant source such as insufficient documentation or even misplaced paperwork. A Detroit Disability Attorney can help increase the chance of approval during the Request for Reconsideration, determining the source or many sources of the initial claim denial. When a potential applicant is even considering applying for disability benefits, a Detroit Disability attorney should be consulted to find these potential “gaps” to help secure a more positive outcome. If denial is passed down during the Reconsideration period, the approval rate then drops to approximately 12%. A Detroit disability lawyer can ensure all application and applicable forms are completed and correct; more importantly, a Detroit Social Security lawyer can act as the applicant’s official representative before the SSA. It is statistically proven that Reconsiderations are approved more with the help of legal representation. As the applicant’s official SSA representative, a Detroit Disability attorney can also prepare the applicant for testimony before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the disability hearing stage.

Listed below are the local Social Security Offices where Detroit applicant can file a claim for disability benefits:

Downtown Detroit Social Security Disability
McNamara Federal Building, Room 1550, 477 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48226
For a list of more offices please visit

Detroit Social Security Disability Resources

A lack of financial means does not necessarily mean a lack of resources for an individual applicant. Detroit Metro area fulfills the needs of many residents through free or low cost healthcare; a great resource for persons with disability seeking the consistent medical care they need.

The Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) Center, Inc. is a community –based, non-profit organization to provide comprehensive, accessible and affordable quality primary health care and support services to all residents of the Detroit community. There are two CHASS centers located in Detroit:

CHASS Southwest Center
5635 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48209

CHASS MidTown Center
7436 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

Other Community Centers:

Woodward Corridor Family Medical Center
611 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Detroit, MI, 48201

Your Detroit Disability Claim

Anyone living in Detroit can apply for SSI (or SSDI) at their closest Social Security office in Michigan.

Within each step of the application and appeal process, timeliness and extensive documentation are the most important aspects. A Detroit Disability attorney can review a case for acceptable, accurate, and sufficient medical records, and make an education assessment of the applicant’s initial case. This experience and knowledge of the attorney can not only educate the applicant, but also implement much needed self-advocacy skills. Knowledge of Social Security resources and Social Security law is highly recommended at any stage of the disability filing process, and a Detroit Disability attorney can provide the advocacy needed specific to each applicant‘s case. Please click here to learn more about Social Security Disability resources, and how to contact a Detroit Disability Attorney.