Dayton Social Security Disability Resources

Dayton is considered to be the sixth-largest city in the State of Ohio and it serves as the county seat for Montgomery County. There are approximately 141,527 people living in Dayton. The city is also a part of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Ohio. Dayton is located within the region of the Miami Valley in Ohio, north of the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky urban area. The area is home to many shippers, suppliers, manufacturers and a rail network, making it a logistical center for the state. Dayton also plays a host to exclusive research as well as development in many fields such as aeronautical, astronautical, engineering and industrial, which have lead to different technological innovations. Apart from the aerospace and defense sectors, the healthcare field also accounts for much of the economic development in the area.

If you are suffering from any severe or long-term disability in the Dayton area, then it is advisable that you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Every year, many Dayton residents must leave their line of work due to a disabling condition. Without an ability to work, these residents must rely on Social Security Disability benefits to make ends meet. It is important, however, that an applicant understand the fundamentals of qualifying for these benefits before they attempt to submit an application.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income in the Dayton area you must suffer from a long-term (12 months or more) or permanent disability that prevents you from performing any type of work activity. You must also be able to prove, through objective medical evidence, that this condition meets the disabling criteria that has been set forth by the SSA.

If you are indeed deemed to be disabled and are approved for benefits, those benefits will begin six months after the onset of your disability. If you have been disabled for more than six months once you receive benefit approval, you may be entitled to back pay from the Social Security Administration.

Apply for Dayton Social Security Disability Benefits

It is not usually as easy to obtain SSD benefits as one may think. The process is quite complex and involved. There are many claim forms that must be completed and they must be completed properly if you have any chance of being approved for benefits during the initial stage of the application process.

The Social Security Office that will be in charge of handling your claim forms in the Dayton area is located at 4375 Hoover Avenue in the city of Dayton.

Dayton Social Security Disability Resources

In addition to properly filling out and filing your claim forms with this office, you must also furnish the SSA with sufficient medical evidence to prove the extent of your condition. Sometimes this can be hard to do – especially if you do not have access to medical insurance or affordable healthcare. Fortunately, there are many low-cost medical clinics that may be able to help. Some of the low-cost medical clinics serving the Dayton area include:

Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton
1323 W 3rd St.
Dayton, OH 45402

Good Neighbor House
844 S. Patterson Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45402

Reach Out of Montgomery County Medical Clinic
25 E. Foraker Street
Dayton, OH 45409

Samaritan Homeless Clinic
41 Catherine St.
Dayton, OH 45402

Your Dayton Social Security Disability Case

It is in your best interest to obtain the services of a qualified Dayton Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits. The forms that you must present to the SSA must be filled out properly if you wish your claim to be approved during the initial application process.

When you meet with a Dayton Social Security Disability lawyer, he or she will go over your disability case with you, determining whether or not you have a strong case and are likely to be awarded benefits from the Social Security Administration. If your lawyer sees any weak points in your case, he or she will advise you of those points so that you can address them prior to filing your initial application, thereby decreasing the chance that you will need to file a disability appeal.

No one wants to pursue a disability appeal. It is a lengthy and stressful process that can take more than two years to complete. With the services of a Dayton Social Security attorney, you are less likely to need to pursue the disability appeal process since your initial application will be more likely to be approved.

If for any reason your initial disability claim is not approved by the Social Security Administration, your Dayton Social Security lawyer can work with you through each step of the appeal process, increasing your chances of a favorable appeal outcome.