Dallas Social Security Disability Resources

The second-largest center of economy within the state of Texas and the largest metropolitan land mass in the country, Dallas holds true to its reputable nickname of the “Big D.“ Approximately 446,000 households occupy this “Big” city, with an average family size of 3.53 members. In 2010, Dallas reported a population of 1,188,580; approximately 22% of the population has a documented disability (2010 Census Bureau statistics).

Texas, known for its lower percentage of debt, unemployment, and overall poverty in comparison to the national average, does not necessarily fall into this category in reference to the number of recipients approved for Dallas disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries are unable to obtain SGA or Substantial Gainful Activity by reason of documented medical impairment. The disability must have extensive medical notes by a certified medical practitioner, and must have a disability lasting at least twelve months and/or result in death. Alternately, if an individual has a lack of financial means and resources, the applicant may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The income threshold levels for SSI are calculated by a formula specific to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Dallas Disability attorneys have access to Social Security Disability resources to help the applicant throughout the application process, applying adequate knowledge of the laws of the Social Security Act, as well as other nuances within Dallas disability case rulings.

Apply for Dallas Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for disability benefits can be done from a home or office computer or at a local field office. In preparing to submit an application, a professional such as a Dallas Disability attorney, should review the application and all pertaining medical and non-medical records to search for gaps in documentation. Such gaps can be how the documented disability actually affects work performance. A Dallas Disability attorney has problem-solving solutions to help bridge these foreseen gaps, leading to a more successful application process. Ultimately, keeping thorough records, documenting the disability and symptoms thereof, is the greatest responsibility of the applicant. The applicant taking these measures will also increase the chances of a positive outcome handed down by the SSA. The job of the Dallas Social Security attorney is to analyze all documentation for accuracy and thoroughness, therefore putting the applicant more at ease about the decision he/she may receive. Further details may be requested by the SSA during the application process, and a Dallas Disability attorney can advise the applicant about the expectations of the SSA. Information requests could be a record of daily activities, documentation of problematic times at work, or other serious issues that occur due to a disability.

A determination is usually submitted approximately 80 – 120 days after the application has been filed. On average 60% of initial applications received will be denied. There are four more consecutive phases in the disability appeals process: Reconsideration, Hearing, an Appeals Council Review, and a Federal District Court Case. If you disagree with the determination of your case, the appeal will proceed in the order listed. Statistically, if an applicant is denied benefits, a Dallas Disability attorney can increase the probability of benefits approval. The attorney will advise the applicant on weak areas and preparation for possible testimony given in from of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) during the Hearing phase. Preparation and timeliness in submitting appeals, at each stage is also vital. An applicant has 60 days to submit the appeal, and a Dallas Disability lawyer is the best resource to help expedite this process, should it occur.

Applications are available at local field offices, and you do have the option to speak to an actual SSA representative. Initial visits cannot be prefaced by an appointment, and each unscheduled visit will require an ample amount of time. A Dallas Disability attorney is available to assist individuals wishing to fill out an application online or outside the field office.

Dallas Social Security Disability
10824 N. Central Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75231
Telephone: 1-800-772-1213
For a list of more offices in the Dallas area, visit ssa.gov.

Dallas Social Security Disability Resources

Medical care, resulting in a successful collection of necessary records, can be costly and unattainable for some applicants. Listed are two options to receive low cost medical care by primary and specialty physicians in the Dallas area.

AGAPE Clinic
4105 Junius Street
Dallas, TX
(214) 842-2744
*No cost healthcare clinic

Diabetes Health and Wellness Center
4500 Spring Avenue
Dallas, TX 75210
(214) 915-3200
*Low cost (co-pay) clinic for uninsured

Your Dallas Disability Claim

Statistics suggest a case review by a Dallas Disability attorney increases the chances of having your disability claim approved. Acceptable, accurate, and sufficient medical records are one of the most important aspects to an individual case. Although self-advocacy skills are needed to collect and maintain these records, a Dallas Social Security lawyer has the experience to provide a high level of service during any stage of the Disability claim process. For an evaluation of your disability claim by attorney or advocate, please click here.