Corona Social Security Disability Resources

Corona is a city located in Riverside County in California, with approximately 152,374 residents, according to the 2010 census. Corona is known for its plentitude of medical jobs and is home to the Corona Regional Medical Center and Watson Pharmaceuticals. The city is also popular for its shopping areas, including the Crossings, the Promenade Shops, and Corona Hills Plaza and Marketplace. Other major businesses located in Corona are the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, famous for manufacturing guitars and Hansen Natural Corporation, a soda company. Corona’s climate is characterized by Mediterranean temperatures, with hot summers and bearable winters.

Based on studied conducted by the Social Security Administration (SSA), over 900,000 people in the State of California are currently receiving Social Security disability payments. If you are coping with a disability that prevents you from working on a regular basis for at least twelve months, then applying for Social Security disability payments would be a reasonable avenue to pursue.

When applying for the SSA’s disability benefits program, you must also meet a work credit requirement, meaning that you must have worked a certain period of time in order to qualify for disability. If you do not meet this requirement but are unable to work due to your disability, then another option for you would be to apply for the SSA’s SSI need-based disability program, which is contingent upon meeting specific household income and asset restrictions.

If you are initially successful in gaining approval from the SSA to receive benefits in Corona, then you will be able to collect your benefits after six months have passed. The six month period will begin on the date that you go on disability. Yet if you have been suffering from a disability for six months or longer, then you will be able to receive compensation immediately and for the duration of your disabling condition.

Apply for Corona Social Security Disability Benefits

It would be advantageous for you to consult a Social Security disability attorney before filing your disability claim at your local SSA office. Acquiring the assistance of a Social Security disability attorney will exponentially increase your chances of getting awarded benefits. Your attorney will work with you to prepare your application, including filling out all essential paperwork and help compile all of your relevant medical documents to be presented for review by the SSA. The disability benefits application process is challenging and too often those who apply for benefits without the aid of an SSDI attorney get denied, which represents almost 60 percent of all applications.

If you do not initially qualify for Social Security disability benefits, then your next course of action would be to file a disability appeal. This disability appeal consists of two parts: first, the Request for Reconsideration and second a hearing before an administrative law judge. Even though the time to process your Request for Reconsideration is only three to six months, most applicants are denied at this stage at a whopping 80 percent. After the request is denied, you will have to set up a hearing with the judge but even this process can get delayed, with wait times for hearings adding up to two years. It has been statistically verified that if you employ the expertise of a Social Security disability lawyer, then your likelihood of getting a decision in your favor will increase.

Your Social Security branch office responsible for setting up disability hearings for Corona is located at 2191 Sampson Ave, suite 105.

Corona Social Security Disability Resources

While submitting your disability application for review, it is undoubtedly essential to the viability of your claim that you include current and up-to-date medical records. If you have trouble accessing these records or other resources, or you do not own insurance, then low-cost clinics can provide you with assistance. The following is a list of low-cost clinics that serve the people of Corona:

Centro Medico Community Clinic
1307 W. 6th St. 113
Corona, CA 92882

Corona Family Care Center
505 S. Buena Vista Ave.
Corona, CA 92882

Your Corona Disability Claim

Consulting the assistance of a Corona Social Security disability attorney would be helpful to your cause and will elevate the chances of being awarded benefits as well as avoid the obstacle-ridden disability appeal process and hearing. When you meet with your Social Security disability attorney, he or she will discuss with you the legitimacy of your claim. If he or she finds that your claim is legitimate then you, along with your attorney, will continue in the disability application process. After discussing the details of your disability claim prior to filing it with the SSA office, your attorney will help you prepare your application and compile all germane medical documents. If your first attempt at applying for disability benefits proves unsuccessful, then your Social Security disability attorney will continue to consult you on the next plan of action, mainly the disability appeal process.