Chandler Social Security Disability Resources

Chandler is a suburb of the city of Phoenix. The town was actually founded on a ranch south of Mesa, Arizona and was named after the first veterinary surgeon in the Arizona Territory. Over the years the town changed from being a primarily agricultural town to being a town with an economy based in the high-tech industry. Chandler is made up of 70 square miles and is made up of a very diverse population.

The Social Security Administration has reported that there are 95,556 Arizona residents receiving Social Security Disability benefits. In order to qualify for SSDI benefits in Chandler, you must have earned enough “work credits” and must suffer from a qualifying disability that is expected to last 12 months or longer. If you do not have enough work credits, you will not qualify for SSDI but you may qualify for the SSI program if your income falls within the threshold that has been set by the Social Security Administration and you can prove your disabling condition prevents you from performing any type of work activity. If you are approved for benefits, you will begin receiving payments from the Social Security Administration approximately six months after the onset of your disability. If it has been longer than six months since you became disabled, you will likely begin receiving benefits immediately upon approval and may even be entitled to “back pay” from the Social Security Administration.

Apply for Chandler Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in Chandler, Arizona, you may want to meet with a qualified Chandler Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your Social Security Disability claim. The Social Security application process can be very confusing and the forms must be completed out properly in order to be awarded the benefits you need. A Chandler Social Security Disability lawyer can ensure that you properly fill out these forms and that you submit sufficient medical evidence to support your Social Security Disability claim. Many people choose not to retain the services of an attorney during the initial stage of the application process and, as a result, nearly 60 percent of initial applications are denied each year by the Social Security Administration. If you choose to retain the services of a Chandler Social Security attorney prior to the filing of your initial claim, you can increase your chances of approval.

If you choose to wait until your initial claim has been denied before consulting with a Chandler Social Security lawyer, the lawyer you consult with at the time of that denial can help you through each stage of the disability appeal process. In most cases, you will need to attend a disability hearing in order to overturn the SSA’s decision to deny your disability claim. It is crucial that you have an attorney representing you at this hearing. Statistics show that applicants who go into a hearing without representation are less likely to receive the benefits they are applying for.

When you work with a Chandler disability attorney, your attorney will ensure that all claim and appeal forms are filed properly and that you have sufficient medical evidence to present to the administrative law judge who will be presiding over your case. The good news is that more than half of the applicants who pursue a disability hearing are awarded benefits at the hearing stage of the appeal process. This is likely due to the fact that the majority of applicants have proper legal representation once they reach the hearing stage of their Social Security Disability claim.

For Chandler residents who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits, the office where you obtain and file the forms you need is located at 3200 N Hayden Road, Suite 120 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It is important to remember that you will need up-to-date medical records when filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Without current medical records as evidence, your claim will likely be denied. If you need assistance in obtaining medical evidence, there are many low-cost clinics in the Chandler area that can help including:

Chandler Health Center
811 S Hamilton St
Chandler AZ 85225

Christ the King Catholic Church Community Center
1616 E Broadway
Mesa AZ 85204

East Valley Family Care
2204 S. Dobson Rd. 101
Mesa AZ 85202

Your Chandler Disability Claim

While you are not required to have legal representation during the Social Security Disability application or appeal process, it is in your best interests to work with a qualified Chandler Social Security Disability attorney. The attorney you work with will help you evaluate whether or not your claim is likely to be approved by the Social Security Administration and will discuss what you can do to increase your chances of a successful claim outcome. If your initial claim is denied by the Social Security Administration, working with a Chandler disability attorney can significantly increase your chances of a successful Social Security Disability appeal.