Biloxi, MI Social Security Disability

Since its settlement in 1699, Biloxi has always been a well-loved community. With many beautiful beaches and casinos, this city bordering the Gulf of Mexico is home to over 45,000 people. While Biloxi has a vibrant workforce, not all residents feel well enough to hold down a job. For some with severe health conditions, employment is no longer an option.

Thankfully, there are many resources available for disabled Biloxi residents. In addition to the many hospitals and healthcare clinics, there are numerous excellent doctors and medical providers in the Biloxi and surrounding areas. Additionally, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides disability benefits to over 232,000 Mississippi residents.

Health Resources for Individuals Living in Biloxi

When illness strikes, it is often unexpected. If the disease is severe enough, the person might need to stop working. Most people feel unprepared for the impact that a serious health condition has not only on the body, but also on the budget. While some individuals may have a few months of savings to help them pay their bills, others don’t have the resources to pay their bills the very next month.

Recognizing that unexpected changes in health do happen, the SSA established the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. SSDI was created to offer financial assistance to a specific group of individuals who become disabled as a result of a serious health condition.

To qualify for SSDI benefits, claimants must earn enough “work credits” in the last ten years. Individuals earn work credits based on the amount of money that they make in a given year. The age at which you become disabled determines how many work credits you need to qualify for SSDI benefits.

Just because you have earned enough work credits does not mean that you will automatically qualify for SSDI benefits. To be awarded disability benefits, you must be able to prove that the symptoms from your health condition are severe enough to warrant a disability designation.

Applicants must provide a significant amount of medical evidence to the SSA to be considered for disability benefits. While you do not need to gather the records yourself, you will need to provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any health care provider, medical clinic, or hospital that you have visited. The SSA will then begin the process of requesting your medical records.

The SSA will want to see the progression of your illness over time. Therefore, they will rely on the information provided by the primary doctor who has cared for you. It’s essential that you have been attending all of your appointments with your doctor.

There are many excellent healthcare providers in the Biloxi area. If you have yet to establish a consistent relationship with a doctor, here are three practices that you may want to consider:

Merit Health Biloxi
150 Reynoir Street
Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 432-1571

Memorial Physician Clinics
Family Medicine at Cedar Lake
1756 Popp’s Ferry Road
Biloxi, MS 39539
(228) 865-3200

Coastal Family Health Center
715A Division Street
Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 374-4991

Applying for Social Security Disability in Biloxi

Ideally, all individuals who are in need of SSDI benefits would be awarded them. However, as millions of Americans apply for disability benefits each year, the SSA must make careful decisions about which claimants are most deserving of the funds available.

To standardize the process by which SSDI awards are granted, the SSA utilizes the Blue Book. This online medical manual lists various health conditions that might qualify an individual for disability benefits.
Further, the Blue Book also includes the various diagnostic tests and criteria by which a claimant must meet to be considered disabled. As the Blue Book is complicated to understand, some individuals prefer to review it their doctor or lawyer.

It’s important to know that Social Security disability benefits are meant for those individuals who are permanently disabled. You will not be granted benefits if your condition is expected to improve over time. Only those claimants who are expected to be too ill to work for at least 12 months will be considered for SSDI benefits.

There are a number of ways to apply for SSDI benefits in Biloxi. Many individuals choose to complete their application online. Others prefer to mail in their application or to complete it with help from the SSA over the phone. For some, the best option is to visit a Social Security office in person. Listed below are three offices within driving distance to Biloxi.

Gulfport Social Security Office 39503
9394 Three Rivers Road
Gulfport, MS 39503
(877) 897-0609

Hattiesburg Social Security Office 39402
1911 Broadway Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
(866) 331-2186

Moss Point Social Security Office 39563

6000 MS-63
Moss Point, MS 39563
866) 253-5675

Can a Social Security Lawyer Help Me Win My Claim in Biloxi?

Mississippi has a lower than national average approval rate during the initial application phase. This means that the majority of Biloxi SSDI applicants face denials when they first apply for benefits.

While hiring a disability lawyer will not guarantee that you will win your claim, your chances improve significantly when working with a qualified attorney. Experienced lawyers understand the Social Security disability application process from start to finish. Complete the Free Case Evaluation found on this page to get connected with an experienced lawyer today.