Baton Rouge Social Security Disability Resources

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and is located just 80 miles west of New Orleans. The area is known for its delicious Cajun cooking and its rich history. Many visitors come to Baton Rouge each year to experience the family-friendly festivals that the city hosts. Baton Rouge is also known for its plantation tours and its LSU and SU athletic teams.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has reported that more than 160,000 people living in the State of Louisiana receive Social Security Disability benefits. In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Baton Rouge, Louisiana you must be able to prove that you suffer from a disabling condition that prevents you from performing any type of work activity and that the condition is expected to last for a period of at least twelve months.

In order to determine whether or not you are disabled according to SSA standards, an adjudicator will review your application and will compare your condition to the disabling conditions that are listed in the SSA’s “Blue Book”. If your medical condition is listed in this publication, your chances of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits may increase. If your condition is not listed, it is still possible to obtain Social Security Disability benefits but you must provide objective medical evidence that proves that you are completely disabled and unable to work due to your condition.

If you are approved for Social Security Disability benefits you will begin receiving benefits once you have met the six-month wait requirement. This six-month wait is dated from the onset of your disability, so if you are approved for benefits and have already been disabled for six months or more, you will begin receiving benefits immediately and may even be entitled to back pay from the SSA. For example, if you have been disabled for eight months at the time of your approval, you would begin receiving benefits right away and would be entitled to two months of back pay from the SSA.

Apply for Baton Rouge Social Security Disability Benefits

If you need Social Security Disability benefits in the Baton Rouge area you should take your case to a Baton Rouge Social Security Disability attorney prior to filing your claim with the SSA. When filing for benefits, there are many complicated forms that must be filled out properly and you must provide adequate medical evidence in order to be approved. If you fail to provide the SSA with any of the information that is required, your application for benefits is likely to be denied. The services of a Baton Rouge Social Security Disability lawyer can ensure that your paperwork is properly filled out and that you have provided the SSA with sufficient medical evidence.

If your initial claim for disability benefits has already been denied by the SSA, then you will need to file an appeal in order to obtain the benefits that you may be entitled to. In most cases, a disability appeal consists of a request for reconsideration and a disability hearing. Going into the appeal process, it is important to understand that more than 80 percent of reconsideration requests are denied by the SSA while 60 percent of hearings are decided in the applicant’s favor. If, however, you do not have proper legal representation at your hearing, your chances of being among those who are approved are significantly decreased.

The office that is in charge of processing disability claims for Baton Rouge Social Security Disability applicants is located at 4332 Harding Boulevard in the city of Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge Social Security Disability Resources

It is important that you provide current medical evidence when filing your claim with this office. If you do not have medical insurance and finances are an issue, there are many low-cost medical clinics that can help. These are some of the low-cost clinics that provide services to residents in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area:

Baton Rouge Mental Health Center - Capital Area Health Services District
4615 Government Street
Baton Rouge LA 70821

Capitol City Family Health Center
3140 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge LA 70806

Excelth Dental Clinic
4560 North Blvd. Suite 120
Baton Rouge LA 70806

Excelth, Inc. Family Health Center
4650 North Blvd 108
Baton Rouge LA 70806

Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic
5414 Brittany Dr
Baton Rouge LA 70896

Margaret Dumas Mental Health Center
3843 Harding Boulevard
Baton Rouge LA 70807

Our Lady of the Lake Neighborhood Clinic
9422 Scotland Ave
Baton Rouge LA 70807

Your Baton Rouge Disability Claim

There is no law requiring that you obtain legal representation for your Social Security Disability application. Of course, implementing such a law would not be in the SSA’s best interests since your chances of being awarded benefits are significantly increased with proper legal representation. This is why it is crucial that you retain the services of a Baton Rouge disability attorney if you are in need of disability benefits in the Baton Rouge area. Your attorney can review your case with you, help you fill out your application properly and will ensure that you have sufficient medical evidence to prove your case to the SSA. These services will result in an increased likelihood of the approval of your disability claim.

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