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Considered the largest independent city and the largest cultural center of state of Maryland, Baltimore city has recovered from economic downturn to a “strong-hold” of the U.S. Baltimore was founded in 1729 and has the distinguished title as the largest U.S. seaport. The Baltimore Metropolitan Area has approximately 2.7 million residents, the 21st largest in the country.

Social Security Administration (SSA) determines eligibility for applicants based on the laws of the Social Security act, and utilizing multitude of experts specializing in disability determinations. The SSA reported approximately 7 million Americans currently approved receiving benefits were employed, but could no longer support themselves because of a disabling condition or illness. In Baltimore approximately 97,610 are currently receiving disability benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Qualifications guidelines differentiate the two through work credit accumulation and current income/asset status. Social Security Disability Insurance is awarded to applicants meeting the disability status guidelines, and to those who have paid into the Social Security Fund through FICA taxation. SSI is awarded to individuals meeting the specific disability guidelines, and have limited income and assets. Understanding these formulas and qualifications can be extremely challenging. A Baltimore Disability Attorney is there to decipher these guidelines, and can answer specifics regarding the applicant’s case.

Apply for Baltimore Social Security Disability Benefits

Preparing the initial application for Baltimore Social Security Disability benefits requires a comprehensive knowledge of determination factors, and most importantly, sufficient documentation of the disability by Certified Medical Professional. This documented disability must last at least twelve months and/or result in death. Statistics prove sufficient assistance with the process of gathering and assessment by a professional such as a Baltimore Disability attorney, can greatly improve the odds of a positive decision being handed down by the SSA. Baltimore Social Security attorneys can review the application and medical documentation for problematic or insufficient information. Insufficient documentation or “gaps” and a lack of organization are the number one culprits of a denial. Such gaps include how the documented disability actually affects work performance. Specific SSA forms accompanying the application should also be thoroughly explained and assessed by a Baltimore Disability attorney.

Denial rates within the first phase, or application phase, are approximately 60% in the state of Maryland. The source of the denial could be a significant or simply misplaced paperwork. If a denial is handed down, the first appeal is a Request for Reconsideration. During this phase only 20% will see an approval of benefits, and using a Baltimore Disability attorney is a key element to determining the source(s) of the initial claim denial. As the applicant or claimant’s official SSA representative, a Baltimore Disability attorney can also prepare the applicant for onsite interviews at the local ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) office, if an appointment request is sent. Four more possible appeals are possible during appeals process: Reconsideration, Hearing, an Appeals Council Review, and a District Court Case. The second appeal, a Hearing, will be seen before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ has the power to overturn a decision rendered by the SSA or uphold the current decision made by the Disability Determination officer. Legal guidance and preparedness is needed at any phase of the appeals process, and only a Baltimore Disability attorney can assist applicants.

Social Security Field offices are located throughout the city and suburbia areas in Baltimore. Here an applicant can file a claim or speak to a Social Security officer.

Baltimore Social Security Disability
711 W 40th Street, Ste 415
Baltimore, MD
(410) 962-3311
For a list of more offices in the Baltimore area, please visit

Baltimore Social Security Disability Resources

Seeking proper diagnoses and maintaining care can be expensive, but is very necessary for applicants. Family Health Centers of Baltimore provide worry-free services, and insurance status never stands in the way of receiving the quality health care. Contact this location for more information or visit them at

Cherry Hill, Baltimore
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Downtown Baltimore
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Your Baltimore Disability Claim

Baltimore Disability attorneys are there to help during the numerous steps to an individual’s claim that can affect a decision by the SSA. The chosen attorney is also there to assist the applicant, start to finish, compiling acceptable, accurate, and sufficient medical records, as well as act as an advocate at any stage of the process. These attorneys can provide initial consultations, free of charge, and alleviate the stress associated with this complex filing process. Please click here to contact a Baltimore Disability Attorney.