Austin Social Security Disability

Austin was voted the 2nd Best Big City in “Best Places to live” by Money Magazine. With a population of 790,390 (2010 U.S. Census,) the city current has approximately 25,570 listed as having a disability, 18.9% percent of the total population, and of that approximately 49% are currently not in the workforce. Approximately 43 % applying for disability are approved from the initial application stage; however, only 20% will be awarded benefits during the first reconsideration (or appeal) level. Professionals, specifically an Austin Social Security Attorney, can statistically lead to a more positive outcome, at any stage of the process.

Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI) for the disabled are determined by the inability to engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) due to a documented medical impairment by a certified medical practitioner. An Austin Disability Lawyer, specializing in the Social Security law, can assess the applicants’ case with objectivity to determine if enough work credits have been established, along with sufficient FICA payroll tax withholdings, and documentation of the disability(s) for the required standards of determination. Alternately, eligibility for Social Security Income (SSI), through disability, is based on income and a lack of resources could be another option for an applicant.

Apply for Austin Social Security Disability Benefits

Austin Social Security lawyers have experience compiling strong cases that are worthy of approval by the SSA. The initial application phase is the most pivotal phase, complete with accurate and extensive collection of medical records and non-medical documentation of the disability. Organization is key, as well as timeliness in filing at all stages. An Austin Social Security attorney can assess the presence or lack thereof of this information, and take the case to the next level. After the initial application phase, if a denial is rendered by the SSA, the presence of an Austin Disability attorney is of the utmost importance. The chance of approval has essentially dramatically decreased within the Reconsideration appeal phase, and an Austin Disability Attorney can help project future rulings considering the previous denial. The selected Austin Social Security attorney will take on problem-solving efforts needed to bridge the gaps of information needed to amend any foreseen issue that prevented the approval of benefits by the SSA. A determination is usually submitted approximately 80 – 120 days after the application is filed. There are four possible steps in the disability appeals process: Reconsideration, Hearing, an Appeals Council Review, and a District Court Case. If you disagree with the determination of your case, the appeal will proceed in the order listed. If secured after the initial application phase, an Austin Disability attorney becomes a necessity, especially in preparation for testimony during a hearing stage in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). An applicant’s chosen representation will be there to advocate for your case at every stage moving forward during of the process of obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

Applications can be filed at the following locations, as well as appointments with representatives from SSA. Please note no appointments can be made before applications are filed.

1029 Camino La Costa
Austin, TX 78752
(866) 627-6991

Please visit for a list of more local offices in the Austin area.

Austin Social Security Disability Resources

A lack of financial resources can lead to misconceptions by an applicant, including a lack of medical coverage for an individual applicant. The community associations below can be a possible resource for individuals with a disability, requiring continued medical care.

A not-for-profit organization, the Seton Family is the leading provider of healthcare services in Central Texas, serving an 11-county population of 1.8 million. The organization operates 3 primary care clinics for the uninsured. Two locations are listed below:

Seton League House
phone: 512.324.1999
3207 Medical Parkway
Austin, TX 78705

Seton Cove
phone: 512.451.0272
3708 Crawford Street
Austin, TX 78731

Your Austin Disability Claim

Each step of the Social Security Disability claim is extremely important from filing the initial application to timeliness of filing an appeal. Also compiling acceptable, accurate, and sufficient medical records the highest regarded aspect to an individual’s case, seen by the SSA. Austin Social Security lawyers, having the experience to recognize problematic aspects of a case, can potentially foresee a ruling based the collected documentation of an individual case. The chosen disability attorney should also implement self-advocacy skills for the applicant to assert necessary actions when the attorney is not present with the applicant, and provide the advocacy needed specific to each applicant‘s case. Please click here to learn more about Social Security Disability resources and how to contact an Austin Disability Attorney.