Filling Out Medical Authorization Form SSA-827

The Social Security Disability application process can be rather confusing and overwhelming. There are numerous forms and paperwork to fill out, and submitting improper information or missing a form can result in a delay or a denial of your Social Security Disability claim. With so many applicants waiting months or even years for benefits to kick in, you should do everything you can to ensure that the SSA receives all of the forms needed to process your disability claim. One of the required forms is the SSA-827 medical authorization form. If you want to expedite your disability claim, you need to include this form with your disability application and ensure that it is filled out properly. The following information will help you understand what the SSA-827 form is, where to get it and how to fill it out.

What is the SSA-827?

The SSA-827 is the form that the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses to obtain your medical records from medical professionals and other institutions. When you fill out this form and submit it with your Social Security Disability application, it gives the SSA the right to obtain your medical records on your behalf. When filing a Social Security Disability claim, you must sign one or more of these forms and submit it with your application for Social Security Disability benefits. Even if you provide your medical records with your application for benefits, you will still need to provide the SSA with this form so they can ensure your medical records are complete.

Where to Get Form SSA-827

If you need copies of the SSA-827 form, you can get them at the local Social Security office or you can download them directly from the Social Security website. The SSA will use this form to obtain your medical records from doctors, hospitals, clinics and schools. The information obtained will then be used to process your Social Security Disability claim. Without this form, the SSA cannot obtain the records they need to process your application and your claim for disability benefits will be denied.

How to Fill Out the SSA-827

When filling out the SSA-827 form for your Social Security Disability claim, you will need to provide the names and contact information for any of the places that the SSA will need to obtain information from to support your Social Security Disability claim. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, therapists, schools and other places that have disability-related records pertaining to your case will all need to be listed on the form.

You will also need to put your name, Social Security number and birth date in the upper-right-hand corner of the SSA-827 form. The form needs to be filled out in its entirety in order to be accepted by the SSA. You will also need to have the form witnessed, meaning that you must sign it in front of another individual and that person must witness your signature on the form. If you have no one to witness this form for you, you can go to the Social Security office and sign it there. One of the Social Security representatives will serve as a witness.

Getting Help

If you have questions about the form SSA-827, you can contact your local Social Security office for answers to any questions you may have. If you are looking to file for disability benefits, you may want to consider retaining the services of a disability attorney or advocate. A qualified attorney can help you with all of the forms required for a Social Security Disability claim and they can ensure that form SSA-827 is filled out properly.