How to Fill out Form SSA-3881

Form SSA-3881 is the “Questionnaire for Children Claiming SSI Benefits”. This form must be completed for any Social Security Disability (SSD) claim filed on behalf of a minor child. It is important to note that children’s benefits are paid through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) fund rather than through SSD.

The SSA-3881 form requests information about the disabled child’s living situation, education, and other basic details regarding your child’s activities of daily living. You will also be asked about any kind of supportive services that your child may be receiving. This includes babysitters, daycare providers, tutoring and individualized education.

Form SSA-3881 also asks you to answer questions about any other agencies or services that have evaluated your child’s eligibility for other benefits. This includes social services, WIC, and more.

Why Form SSA-3881 is Important

The SSA-3881 form is necessary for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to coordinate information with other federal, state and local agencies and offices. It also helps the SSA evaluate the support your child already receives and any services or support they may be qualified to receive in the future.

This questionnaire is used in combination with other forms in the SSD/SSI application process to determine a child’s eligibility to receive benefits, but it is primarily used to track the child’s coordinated benefits between multiple agencies and services.

The SSA may also contact different service providers and other individuals who know your child and his or her physical or mental limitations. For example, during the application review process, the SSA may contact the scout leader, tutor, or social worker listed on this form to discuss your child’s overall condition and the limitations it places on your family.

How to Complete Form SSA-3881

Form SSA-3881 requests some duplicate information as that required on the Child Disability Report and other forms, like the details of your child’s medications, for example. Although the information may have already been covered on other forms, you must still fully complete the SSA-3881, leaving no questions blank.

Any blanks on form SSA-3881 will result in delays as the SSA seeks more information from you and from other sources. Additionally, failure to disclose information, like a child’s involvement in school activities or other groups, can also result in delays.

Many questions on the form ask for additional details or explanations, and not just simple yes or no answers. Make sure you thoroughly explain your answers when required to do so, and be sure you provide consistent information on all the forms you complete for your child’s disability application.

While you must fill out form SSA-3881 yourself, you can seek assistance with the process. A Social Security advocate or attorney can help you with this and the other required forms for SSD/SSI application.