How to Fill out Form SSA-3441

The SSA-3441 is a form that’s only required if you’re initially denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and need to appeal the decision. It is entitled the “Disability Report – Appeal” form and it is required for any applicant who wishes to continue seeking SSD benefits through the appeal process.

Some of the information requested on form SSA-3441 is the same information as initially required on the primary disability report form you completed during the application for SSD benefits. The Disability Report – Appeal form also requested information related to your disability that has occurred since your last disability report. Examples include more recent medical tests, new physicians who’ve treated you, and any new medications you’re taking or other treatments you’re undergoing.

Why Form SSA-3441 is Important

Not every applicant for SSD benefit will need to complete form SSA-3441, though if you’re initially denied benefits and must go through an appeal, the Disability Report – Appeal form is a critical part of moving forward with your SSD claim.

An appeal hearing cannot be scheduled and a decision on your disability claim cannot be made until you submit all forms required by the SSA. This includes form SSA-3441.

How to Complete Form SSA-3441

You must provide accurate and thorough information when completing the Disability Report – Appeal form just as you did when filling out your initial disability report. Even though some of the information you provide on the new disability report will be exactly the same as on your initial report, you must fill it out again.

If you kept a copy of all your prior forms – which you always should – then filling in the same details on the new disability report should be relatively simple.

You should also provide any new information regarding your medical condition, treatment and diagnostic tests or procedures you’ve had done since the last time you filled out a disability report. Leave no answers blank and if a question doesn’t apply in your particular case, be sure to indicate that by writing “not applicable”. Blanks on form SSA-3441 will only lead to delays in the appeals process.