How to Fill out Form SSA-3373

The SSA-3373 or “Function Report” is among the many forms the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires when you apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. This form asks you to supply the SSA with detailed information about your activities of daily living.

The Function Report asks for information about everyday details and your life circumstances. These include questions about what time you get out of bed, whether or not you have kids or others you care for, and if you’re able to bathe, prepare meals, clean your house and perform other life tasks on your own, or if you require help from others with these essential activities.

Why Form SSA-3373 is Important

While form SSA-3373 may not immediately appear as though it pertains to your ability to work and therefore the determination of your eligibility to receive SSD benefits, the SSA primarily uses the Function Report as a comparison tool. It’s used to validate other information in your application and your medical records, and to give the SSA more specific information about the limitations your medical condition places on your everyday life.

Although the Function Report is not the primary source of information for determining your eligibility for SSD benefits, it’s still an important piece of the decision making process. It will not be the form that “wins” you disability, but it could potentially cause you to be found ineligible for benefits. This is because the SSA will look for inconsistencies in your application, medical records and the various forms you’re required to complete, including the Function Report.

If the information that appears on your SSA-3373 form shows you’re regularly able to perform activities in your personal life that are comparable to those you would typically be required to do on the job, then the SSA will have more questions about your condition. They may require you to undergo an independent medical evaluation, conducted by a contracted physician to determine if the information in your medical records is accurate, given the conflicting details you supplied on the Function Report. They may also find you ineligible for benefits, believing you’re more physically and/or mentally capable of performing essential job duties than your disability report or other application documents reflect.

How to Complete Form SSA-3373

When you fill out the SSA-3373 form, you should be as honest, accurate and thorough as possible. Ensure you answer all questions, leaving none blank. Even if a question doesn’t apply in your circumstances, you must indicate as such, or the determination on your eligibility for SSD benefits may be delayed while the SSA seeks further information.

Additionally, you should ensure the answers you provide on the form are accurate. While you want the details of the Function Report to support your claim for disability, it’s crucial you’re honest and forthright in completing form SSA-3373. Don’t exaggerate your condition, but don’t play it down either.

The Function Report is a long form and asks for a lot of information. It can be a challenge to complete, especially when you’re concerned about potentially providing conflicting information on the form. For this reason, you may want to consider seeking assistance from a Social Security advocate or attorney when completing all the required SSD forms, including form SSA-3373.

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