How to Fill out Form HA-520

If you have been through the entire Social Security Disability (SSD) process, including an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and have still been found ineligible for benefits, your next step to pursue benefits is to complete form HA-520.

The HA-520 is the “Request for Review of Decision/Order of Administrative Law Judge”, which allows you to request that the ALJ’s decision on your appeal be reviewed by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Appeals Council.

The HA-520 form asks for very little information. It only requires that you formally declare your request for an Appeals Council review, answer a few questions related to your case, and state the reason you believe the ALJ’s decision is wrong.

Why Form HA-520 is Important

Although the HA-520 request form asks for minimal information, it is necessary to fill out if you wish to continue seeking disability benefits.

Without completing the form, your case will end with the ALJ’s decision. It is important to note that you must submit the form within 60 days of receiving the notice of denial from the appeals court in order for your SSD claim to remain active.

How to Complete Form HA-520

Filling in the required information on form HA-520 takes only a few minutes. You will be asked to provide your name, Social Security Number, claim number, and a well-worded statement explaining why you believe the ALJ’s decision was incorrect.

You will also be asked to submit any additional documentation you have to support your disability claim. If you do have more information to prove your claim, then you must submit that documentation to the SSA at the same time you submit the HA-520 form.

To ensure that the HA-520 form is filled out completely and accurately you may wish to hire a Social Security advocate or attorney to assist you. An advocate or attorney will help you make the best possible case and increase your chances of being approved for SSD benefits.