How to Fill out Form HA-501

The HA-501 form is one among several that are required by the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you’ve been found ineligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits even after a reconsideration review. If you want to appeal the decision, then you must complete and submit the “Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge”, which is the full title of the HA-501 form. The request form is the first step in formally asking that your claim for SSD benefits be scheduled for an appeal hearing.

Form HA-501 requires minimal information from you. It is simply a formal declaration of your request for an appeal in your SSD case. Specifically, it asks for the reason you disagree with the SSA’s eligibility determination and whether or not you have additional evidence to present in your claim. It also gives you the option of requesting to appear at an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or to have a decision made in your case based on the evidence you provide.

Why Form HA-501 is Important

If you’ve already requested a reconsideration review of your SSD claim after it was initially denied and have been denied benefits again, then you must proceed to the appeal stage if you want to continue pursuing disability benefits.

The SSA’s HA-501 form is among the shortest forms involved in the SSD claim process, but it is still a very important one. The form must be completed within sixty days of your denial for SSD benefits in order for the appeal process to commence.

Without submitting this form within the prescribed timeframe, your disability claim will be closed and you will need to start the process over again if you wish to continue trying for SSD benefits.

How to Complete Form HA-501

Filling out the HA-501 form only requires a few moments of your time, but it is the most important step to keeping your disability claim active in the system. You simply fill in your contact and personal information, indicate why you disagree with the SSA’s decision, and inform the SSA of your preference for the appeal – a hearing or an evidentiary determination – and let the SSA know if you have additional evidence to share regarding your claim.

While it is possible to have the SSA make a final determination without attending an appeal hearing, doing so may not be in your best interest. Unless you have substantial additional documentation supporting your claim for SSD benefits that the SSA has not seen before, requesting an appeal hearing is the best course of action as it gives you the chance to appeal the decision in person and convince the ALJ that your disability severely limits your ability to maintain gainful employment.

Completing the HA-501 form, while generally straightforward, can be intimidating, especially when explaining the additional evidence you have to support your claim. Having the assistance of a Social Security advocate or attorney when completing any form in the SSD application, review or appeal processes can reduce stress and increase the efficacy and consistency of the evidence you provide.