How to Fill out Form SSA-561

Over two thirds of Social Security Disability claims are denied. If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits such as SSDI, SSI, or Medicare, and been denied, you have a right to request a reconsideration.

To request reconsideration, you will need to fill out form SSA-561: Request for Reconsideration. You can obtain this form online or from your local Social Security office. On the form, you will make your case regarding why you disagree with the initial determination to deny you Social Security disability benefits.

Most people would be well advised to have a Social Security lawyer go over their claim and help them with form SSA-561. The form itself is not difficult to understand or fill out, but an attorney who is experienced with Social Security disability cases can help present the information in a manner that is more likely to be met with approval. As an added benefit, your lawyer will already be familiar with your claim should your redetermination be denied and you decide to request a hearing.

Fill out all information on form SSA-561 honestly and accurately. Most of the general information requested is self-explanatory. If you are filing for benefits based on the work history of someone else (i.e., a deceased spouse), you must fill in their information as well as your own.

After the general information, you will find the section in which you are allowed to state why you disagree with the determination on your disability claim. You will want to fill this out as completely as possible. You will want to make sure to include pertinent medical information and how it affects your ability to perform work. You will want to focus on conditions which make it difficult to stand, sit, lift, push, pull, walk, concentrate, use fine motor skills, and perform other work related tasks.

If you are asking for a redetermination for a claim of SSI or SVB, you will need to fill out an additional section on the SSA-561 form. Make sure you indicate whether you want to have a case review, an informal conference or a formal conference. The difference between these is discussed towards the end of the form. In most cases, you should request an actual conference.

Be sure to fill out all boxes that apply to you and sign and date the form. If you are working with a lawyer or other representative, their general information must be included as well. Do not fill in anything in the section labeled “TO BE COMPLETED BY SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION.” The SSA representative assigned to your claim will fill that section out.