Social Security Disability District Office

A district office is the location where a claimant files an application for Social Security disability benefits. The district office is also called the, "DO," field office, or "FO." Typically, district offices handle appeals for disability benefit claims that have been denied.

When you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits, your claim begins at the district office, works its way through a series of review offices and eventually ends back at the district office for a final determination. This process can take several months to several years.

If your SSDI or SSI claim is approved you will be assigned a claims representative at your local district office who will ensure that your claim has been handled appropriately and that you are receiving your benefits each month. Your claims rep at your local district office also handles back pay and anything related to your disability case.

Like many other government offices, Social Security district offices are typically closed on federal holidays and are open for limited hours on business days. Depending on where you live, most district offices are open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. Hours may be adjusted for high population, high volume offices to accommodate increased traffic but claimants should expect long lines and appointment requirements when attempting to apply for disability benefits or meet with their Social Security representative.