Social Security Continuing Disability Review

Recipients of Social Security disability are required by law to submit to an occasional review of their case. The Social Security Administration conducts such a review in order to prevent individuals who do not truly need funds from receiving them.

While reviews often take place every few years, it is common that a Continuing Disability Review (CDR) will take place after one year, three years and/or seven years after an individual’s initial claim. In the event that the Social Security Administration’s evaluators are behind, a recipient can be examined at any time.

More often than not, Social Security Disability recipients will have their services extended following their Continuing Disability Review. According to the Social Security Act (Section 223-F) the purpose of this review is to ensure that the disability as defined by the Social Security Administration's definition has not ceased to exist.

Beyond the typical time limits for review, a person may also be chosen for a CDR if and when they exhibit Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) for no less than nine months. The Social Security Administration's guideline for SGA in 2024 is $1,550 per month. This value increases to $2,590 for any blind recipients.

A Continuing Disability Review can be mandated if medical improvement is suspected once the disabled individual begins receiving benefits. Those who exhibit a disability, which can improve but the timeframe for improvement is unknown, will be reviewed in approximately three years. Lastly, those who suffer from conditions, which are not likely to improve, will see a review between five to seven years after their Social Security Disability Benefits began.

The Social Security Administration will typically utilize two types of reviews. Individuals receiving SSDI may be requested to complete one or both methods.

The Full Medical Review

Another form of CDR is the Full Medical Review. The benefit's recipient will be notified by mail, and contacted by phone. The Social Security Administration will require a Form SSA-454-BK detailing all pertinent medical information.

The Mailer Review

Those who are not expected to demonstrate much medical improvement will most likely receive a Disability Update Report (Form SSA-455-OCR or SSA-455). This simply needs to be completed and returned.