Medical Improvement Not Expected

When you become disabled, you (and certain family members) may be eligible to collect benefits under Social Security disability (SSD). Beneficiaries have generally worked for a number of years and paid into the system through taxes, or are disabled and have little to no income. Any disability should be permanent or last for at least one year. It will take around 5 months to hear from the SSA if you have been approved or not.

Those who are awarded SSD benefits will be placed into certain categories representing how quickly their health will improve, depending on the disability. If your claim is placed in the Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) category, it means that the disability is expected to be permanent. The beneficiary is expected to be receiving Social Security Disability benefits until retirement age, or the disability is expected to be the cause death. After retirement, SSDI benefits will convert to Social Security Retirement benefits. SSI benefits will not convert. These beneficiaries still will have scheduled evaluations and are required to attend these and be evaluated. Those in the MINE category will most likely have evaluations every 7 years.

If you have a disability that you will not recover from, an attorney will give you the greatest assistance with an SSD claim, even though you can apply without one. You will be best prepared for any questions that may be asked at the hearing. Securing witnesses and medical evidence will be much easier than if on your own. The odds of winning your case is somewhat higher. In addition, you will have the opportunity to fully understand how the application process works and to get your questions and concerns addresses.